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models H1407 - Patrician
Acoustic archtop - Natural
Production year(s) : 1940-1971 (other years possible, not verified)

A classic Harmony archtop, more than 30 years production time. Some variations through the years, trussrod appears only from 1965. New scripting and logo from 1962. The H1407 is by far the most common model in the Patrician line, but the "Patrician" name was used on many different models, comprising flat top guitars and even roundhole archtops. All solid woods, solid spruce pressed top (not carved), mahogany body, tortoise body bindings on front and back.

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429x1000 - (58 kb) H1407_Patrician_02.jpg
425x1000 - (45 kb) H1407_Patrician_03.jpg
420x450 - (22 kb) H1407_Patrician_04.jpg
480x640 - (49 kb) H1407_Patrician_05.jpg
640x480 - (54 kb) H1407_Patrician_06.jpg
480x640 - (43 kb) H1407_Patrician_07.jpg
480x640 - (42 kb) H1407_Patrician_08.jpg
480x640 - (38 kb) H1407_Patrician_09.jpg
304x720 - (57 kb) H1407_Patrician_10.jpg
580x805 - (129 kb) H1407_Patrician_11.jpg
458x335 - (53 kb) H1407_Patrician_12.jpg
274x600 - (24 kb) H1407_Patrician_13.jpg
364x568 - (35 kb) H1407_Patrician_14.jpg
450x600 - (37 kb) H1407_Patrician_15.jpg
640x480 - (50 kb) H1407_Patrician_16.jpg
278x600 - (23 kb) H1407_Patrician_17.jpg
332x760 - (32 kb) H1407_Patrician_18.jpg
315x756 - (29 kb) H1407_Patrician_19.jpg
445x587 - (25 kb) H1407_Patrician_1942_01.jpg
800x600 - (91 kb) H1407_Patrician_1942_02.jpg
800x600 - (60 kb) H1407_Patrician_1942_03.jpg
800x600 - (64 kb) H1407_Patrician_1942_04.jpg
800x600 - (58 kb) H1407_Patrician_1942_05.jpg
800x600 - (61 kb) H1407_Patrician_1942_06.jpg
800x600 - (63 kb) H1407_Patrician_1942_07.jpg
800x600 - (59 kb) H1407_Patrician_1942_08.jpg
800x600 - (53 kb) H1407_Patrician_1942_09.jpg
800x600 - (54 kb) H1407_Patrician_1942_10.jpg
800x600 - (65 kb) H1407_Patrician_1942_11.jpg
800x600 - (58 kb) H1407_Patrician_1945_01.jpg
295x610 - (28 kb) H1407_Patrician_1945_02.jpg
480x640 - (36 kb) H1407_Patrician_1945_03.jpg
441x640 - (37 kb) H1407_Patrician_1945_04.jpg
402x558 - (29 kb) H1407_Patrician_1945_05.jpg
386x606 - (44 kb) H1407_Patrician_1945_06.jpg
384x789 - (67 kb) H1407_Patrician_1945_07.jpg
379x800 - (58 kb) H1407_Patrician_1945_08.jpg
382x610 - (57 kb) H1407_Patrician_1945_09.jpg
800x598 - (93 kb) H1407_Patrician_1945_10.jpg
376x796 - (47 kb) H1407_Patrician_1947_01.jpg
368x800 - (21 kb) H1407_Patrician_1947_02.jpg
405x800 - (19 kb) H1407_Patrician_1947_03.jpg
625x800 - (52 kb) H1407_Patrician_1947_04.jpg
681x773 - (61 kb) H1407_Patrician_1947_05.jpg
599x800 - (43 kb) H1407_Patrician_1947_06.jpg
667x800 - (47 kb) H1407_Patrician_1947_07.jpg
746x526 - (29 kb) H1407_Patrician_1947_08.jpg
665x792 - (40 kb) H1407_Patrician_1947_09.jpg
602x800 - (32 kb) H1407_Patrician_1949_01.jpg
370x858 - (92 kb) H1407_Patrician_1949_02.jpg
376x877 - (87 kb) H1407_Patrician_1949_03.jpg
696x919 - (124 kb) H1407_Patrician_1949_04.jpg
734x995 - (120 kb) H1407_Patrician_1949_05.jpg
320x600 - (43 kb) H1407_Patrician_1949_06.jpg
797x531 - (117 kb) H1407_Patrician_1951_01.jpg
209x456 - (11 kb) H1407_Patrician_1951_02.jpg
361x480 - (26 kb) H1407_Patrician_1951_03.jpg
230x455 - (15 kb) H1407_Patrician_1951_04.jpg
220x467 - (10 kb) H1407_Patrician_1951_05.jpg
362x480 - (26 kb) H1407_Patrician_1961_01.jpg
300x400 - (24 kb) H1407_Patrician_1961_02.jpg
300x400 - (22 kb) H1407_Patrician_1962_01.jpg
374x640 - (16 kb) H1407_Patrician_1962_02.jpg
300x640 - (17 kb) H1407_Patrician_1962_03.jpg
480x640 - (29 kb) H1407_Patrician_1962_04.jpg
477x557 - (19 kb) H1407_Patrician_1962_05.jpg
640x480 - (27 kb) H1407_Patrician_1962_06.jpg
354x476 - (13 kb) H1407_Patrician_1966_01.jpg
180x400 - (13 kb) H1407_Patrician_1966_02.jpg
300x400 - (19 kb) H1407_Patrician_1966_03.jpg
400x300 - (19 kb) H1407_Patrician_1968_01.jpg
400x600 - (62 kb) H1407_Patrician_1968_02.jpg
400x600 - (49 kb) H1407_Patrician_1968_03.jpg
400x600 - (79 kb) H1407_Patrician_20.jpg
437x617 - (21 kb) H1407_Patrician_21.jpg
528x591 - (21 kb) H1407_Patrician_22.jpg
354x410 - (12 kb) H1407_Patrician_23.jpg
225x488 - (30 kb) H1407_Patrician_24.jpg
500x403 - (61 kb) H1407_Patrician_25.jpg
555x306 - (54 kb) H1407_Patrician_26.jpg
472x345 - (61 kb) H1407_Patrician_27.jpg
195x400 - (15 kb) H1407_Patrician_28.jpg
263x357 - (15 kb) H1407_Patrician_29.jpg
249x333 - (14 kb) H1407_Patrician_30.jpg
240x347 - (12 kb) H1407_Patrician_31.jpg
266x357 - (12 kb) H1407_Patrician_32.jpg
432x787 - (47 kb) H1407_Patrician_33.jpg
495x588 - (38 kb) H1407_Patrician_34.jpg
430x656 - (52 kb)

Top woodSpruce
Body woodMahogany
All solid woods

Width15"3/4399 mm
Length40"3/81024 mm
Body depth3"3/885 mm
Scale25"1/4642 mm
Neck at nut1"3/444.4 mm
Neck at 12th2"1/456.3 mm

33 comments | Add your comment !

  • h1pst3r - 2006-03-12
    There's an ebay seller named "tom69442" who makes incredible repros of the Patrician pickguard. He also sells the mounting hardware. Pretty sure he stocks a lot of vintage perfect fit replacements and is very knowledgeable about harmonys, kays, etc.
  • Jeff - 2010-10-25
    I just purchased a 1946 H1407 and from the first time I strummed it it had to be one of the most comfortable and nicest sounding guitars that I've ever played.
  • dhowsley - 2010-11-26
    I have one of these that was given to me by my great uncle (married to my father's aunt). I was a student in the 7th grade and was taking guitar lessons. While visiting my great aunt and uncle with my parents on a Sunday afternoon in 1965 he went to his room and retrieved this guitar and presented it to me as a gift.
  • Harmony9 - 2010-12-30
    Bought mine for ten bucks ar a yardsale. Put on grovers and a gibson saddle along with some adiadario chrome strings..o so sweet sounding...
  • guitar_mike_69 - 2011-02-10
    I've got a '69 H1407 Patrician that is absolutely stunning! The silking of the spruce and the ribbon mahogany are out of this world. The volume and tone out of this old archtop is just wonderful and the action on it is dreamy, to say the least. This has turned into one of my favorite websites, thanks for helping to keep the Spirit of the Harmony Guitars alive!! And, by the way...My Patrician is from 1969 (S-69) and it definitely has a truss rod.
  • Mark - 2011-08-28
    Just purchased a Patrician. Ordering a repro pick guard with the gold "P". Mine is ser. no. 8696H1407 and has S-7D NT inside. it also has the white plastic triangle Made In USA cover up in the head which, I assume, indicates a truss rod. Haven't removed it yet to see for sure. Action, tone and neck are very good. Needs some minor neck repair. I got it for $150 with a case
  • - 2011-10-09
    My step father bought his new in 1940 and took it with him durning the war. He was the only one in his group that made it home with his with out being trashed. He later in 1969 gave it to me a few years before he passed away. Part of the logo was scrached off and looking for one to replace one one. Great to find this site. A friend of mine also has one and we were wondering how to find more out about ours when I found this site Keep up the great work.
    Lucky J
  • davidsimmonsluthier - 2012-01-08
    A great site thanks! I'm repairing an H1407 Number 4836 Just taking off the front to put back that which someone has cut away to put in pick-up controls. There is no truss rod and the pick guards have long since vanished. The top and bottom blocks are Tulip wood(American whitewood)The linings are cut short at the neck block.I'll be making the original trapeze fitted with two screws. If anyone wants a replacement let me know. www.davidsimmonsluthier.co.uk
  • old mark - 2012-04-06
    Just bought a Harmony H1407...stamped 72H1407.
    Minor string grooves on the top frets and some finger wear on the fret board at that area.
    Looks like it lived in the case for 40 years.
    I have several "lower end" Harmony archtops, and you can see instantly the Patrician is a whole different animal. It's a really well made, beautiful guitar-great wood all around, hand finished, nice thick rosewood fret board.
    I'm cleaning and oiling the fretboard now, so I don't know how it sounds yet, but it is a really fine looking quality guitar. Happy !
  • NoneTheOne - 2012-12-18
    Just got mine (late 50s model without a trussrod) 6 months ago, i had to change the original bridge for some gretsch lower bridge, the intonation went perfect all along the board, i electrified it using some rowe dearmond pu and now i get a terrific oldy jazz blues monster that reached #1 place in my current combo ! i only get exciting feedback by people and musicians when played live. A lot harder to handle than your solid body fender or your modern thin neck archtop, but a great guitar if you find the good specimen.
  • guitar_mike_69 - 2014-02-13
    Just a follow-up regarding adjustable truss rods on this model. I've seen multiple examples of the 1407 Patrician with an adjustable truss rod (including the '69 in my living room) from the years of '65-71 and the "text from catalogues" even mentions the adjustable "torque lock adjustable truss rod" in the '66 and 71 catalogues. This supports my theory that 1965 was NOT the only year of the adjustable truss rod on this model. These are awesome guitars folks!
  • John Paul - 2014-02-13
    Been waiting anxiously to receive mine , purchased it last Thursday . It's a 1949 H 1407 completely restored all origanal parts . After reading these comments it makes it harder to wait. Ha . Beautiful guitars!
  • François (webmaster) - 2014-02-13
    guitar_mike_69, of course you're right. I wrote "trussrod appears only in 1965" but I meant "from"... I edited the description accordingly !
  • Sheila - 2014-04-23
    I have my mothers H1407 guitar with the number 3518 on it also. It also has a marking of F-64-HV made in USA. I am amazed at how great of shape it is in. I am looking forward to learning how to play this beautiful piece.
  • Ryan - 2014-08-06
    Got a hi407. It's been tweaked but amazing sound. Like going back to 40s
  • Jim - 2014-08-11
    I have a 1963 Patrician and it has a truss rod.
  • Chris Tier - 2014-09-30
    Recently bought a 1957 Harmony Patrician H1407. This guitar is totally original, including its scratch board and hard case. A well cared for example of the model which keeps in tune, no problem. Lucky to have it!!
  • Keith Daniel - 2014-10-06
    I have a Patrician Arch Top that belonged to my grand father. Just had a new pick guard and tune keys installed and I play it as a regular guitar.
    Inside on the label I can only make out S-42. The other in non readable. A great guitar (some nicks and scratches). Just put a set of K&K transducers at the bridge and the sound thru an acoustic amp is smooth and deep. I play this more then my Ovation or Taylor.
  • J lorentino - 2014-10-13
    Just got a h1407. Gotta clean it up. Been in a basement and is musty. Not sure of age sixty something based on the seller. She said Peter, Paul and Mary were the inspiration. 20 bucks.
  • Sylvain Roy - 2014-12-20
    I just bought a H1407 F-39 and...production of this model sstarted 1940 ...am i missing something ?
  • Ish - 2016-04-20
    Anyone know the truss rod hex size for these? Having trouble finding a key
  • Laura - 2016-12-17
    Mine is #1804H1407. I see it's model H1407, what does the 1804 mean?
  • Chette - 2017-03-07
    The H1407 was a phenomenal guitar for its time. Mine is from '66 (S-66) number 9787. The neck will eventually need a reset, but I'm totally doing it to keep this guitar going. Incredible rosewood slab fingerboard and the top has aged beautifully. I mounted mine with a custom sprayed acrylic finger rest and a floating Kent Armstrong mini-bucker. I have the original guard as well but I put it aside. It is the perfect balance of warm lows and bright highs. Fantastic player guitar.
  • Ray - 2018-04-18
    I recently was given my father's Harmony Patrician. I cannot find a serial number and I am curious about how to find the age of the guitar. I believe it is somewhere in the mid to late 50's but would like to know for sure if possible.
  • Steve Johnson - 2019-06-06
    I gotta ask, what was the deal with the pick guard covering part of the f-shaped sound hole, at least on some models?
  • Steve Johnson - 2019-06-07
    Bought a 1407 today (which is why I was looking at the board and posted a comment yesterday). I can't read a serial #, but it has either P or F-64 stamped on it. So does the 64 indicate it was made in 1964? Any idea what the letter means then? Whoever previously owned the one I bought had cut the pick guard to uncover all of the f-hole.
  • BR - 2019-06-08
    @Steve Johnson, The F means the first half of the year, and the number is the year of production. Hence F64 would be the first half of 1964. At least that is my understanding.
  • BanjoBill - 2019-06-11
    I was given a 1940 basket case. I've reset the neck, installed a truss rod,am in the process of re-finushing the top. Love it!
    Too bad I can't share pics of my progress.
  • Leo - 2019-06-23
    Hi everyone, I've been wondering about something for awhile: though I can't remember any specific instances of the top of my head, it seems like I must've read statements in up to a dozen listings of patricians over the years specifying "laminate mahogany back & sides". But this database says in its FAQ page that no purely acoustic harmony guitars feature laminates. To anyone who's ever taken the back off of one of these: was it solid or laminate? Thanks!
  • Stu - 2019-09-04
    Wondering if there are any otherways to identify the model and date it without the serial number?
    I've looked everywhere, but I can't find a serial number for my beautiful Patrician. Would love to date it. It has a tortoise pickguard and binding and a birdseye maple back.
    Any clue 3woould be helpful... thanks, stu
  • MachV - 2019-11-22
    After reading the comments here I am going to have to examine my gem a little closer! I inherited a Patrician from my father who never liked it but I love that slender body and mahogany wood. Jason Lambert (Luthier Statesville NC) id'ed at '38 or '39. Moriah Guitars in Greensboro just crafted a new bridge which lowered the strings and fixed the B string intonation and wow! Sugar turned to Honey! Nickel Flat Wounds brings that Jazz tone like I made it to heaven and didn't have to die!
  • Ian G - 2019-12-30
    I just got my Patrician H1407 today. I can't see a date stamp inside but going by the pics on this site, it looks like a Pre '62 - the "Patrician" lettering is thinner. It needs a bit of a tidy up but it sounds great as it is. I'm loving it already.
  • Billabong - 2020-07-10
    Had my Patrician for 45 years and had just found the pickguard I had lost 30 years ago. I was cleaning it up and putting the posts on and my sisters cat jumped up and knocked it off the table and the body literally split in half like I cut it it with a saw on purpose. This guitar was in Pristine condition. I don't think it will ever sound the same even if it was worth having it professionally done. One of the sweetest sounding guitars ever. I will miss her greatly. The cat....not so much.

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