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models H79 - 12 string electric
Electric hollowbody - Dark red
Production year(s) : 1966-1970 (other years possible, not verified)

12 strings, 2 (different from 6 string) pickups. 6 ply bindings (wbwbwb)

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720x1355 - (190 kb) H79_12strings_02.jpg
250x576 - (74 kb) H79_12strings_03.jpg
219x576 - (36 kb) H79_12strings_04.jpg
363x545 - (54 kb) H79_12strings_05.jpg
269x504 - (30 kb) H79_12strings_06.jpg
403x528 - (50 kb) H79_12strings_07.jpg
640x480 - (56 kb) H79_12strings_08.jpg
640x480 - (66 kb) H79_12strings_09.jpg
338x450 - (33 kb) H79_12strings_10.jpg
335x775 - (48 kb) H79_12strings_11.jpg
800x600 - (66 kb) H79_12strings_12.jpg
378x800 - (45 kb) H79_12strings_13.jpg
788x593 - (69 kb) H79_12strings_14.jpg
800x600 - (69 kb) H79_12strings_15.jpg
800x600 - (42 kb) H79_12strings_16.jpg
800x600 - (82 kb) H79_12strings_17.jpg
800x600 - (44 kb) H79_12strings_18.jpg
800x600 - (75 kb) H79_12strings_19.jpg
800x600 - (65 kb) H79_12strings_1966_01.jpg
450x600 - (40 kb) H79_12strings_1966_02.jpg
592x800 - (57 kb) H79_12strings_1966_03.jpg
592x800 - (61 kb) H79_12strings_1966_04.jpg
800x600 - (86 kb) H79_12strings_1966_05.jpg
799x560 - (78 kb) H79_12strings_1966_06.jpg
800x600 - (78 kb) H79_12strings_1966_07.jpg
800x600 - (53 kb) H79_12strings_1966_08.jpg
428x800 - (62 kb) H79_12strings_1966_09.jpg
475x800 - (56 kb) H79_12strings_1966_10.jpg
850x1280 - (65 kb) H79_12strings_1966_11.jpg
850x1280 - (96 kb) H79_12strings_1966_12.jpg
850x1280 - (114 kb) H79_12strings_1966_13.jpg
850x1280 - (61 kb) H79_12strings_1966_14.jpg
850x1280 - (41 kb) H79_12strings_1966_15.jpg
850x1280 - (83 kb) H79_12strings_1966_16.jpg
850x1280 - (56 kb) H79_12strings_1966_17.jpg
850x1280 - (91 kb) H79_12strings_1966_19.jpg
850x1280 - (60 kb) H79_12strings_1966_20.jpg
850x1280 - (81 kb) H79_12strings_20.jpg
800x600 - (38 kb) H79_12strings_21.jpg
777x579 - (51 kb) H79_12strings_22.jpg
317x600 - (41 kb) H79_12strings_23.jpg
480x640 - (54 kb) H79_12strings_24.jpg
298x640 - (19 kb) H79_12strings_25.jpg
305x480 - (44 kb) H79_12strings_26.jpg
288x640 - (24 kb) H79_12strings_27.jpg
394x640 - (36 kb) H79_12strings_28.jpg
354x640 - (34 kb) H79_12strings_29.jpg
640x480 - (36 kb) H79_12strings_30.jpg
640x480 - (46 kb) H79_12strings_31.jpg
640x480 - (35 kb) H79_12strings_32.jpg
640x480 - (28 kb) H79_12strings_33.jpg
335x581 - (26 kb) H79_12strings_34.jpg
561x1024 - (126 kb)

Scale24"1/4615 mm

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20 comments | Add your comment !

  • sploshette - 2006-06-08
    I've just bought one h79 on ebay. very beautiful guitar, missing 3 strings. It looks very good but apparently was stored and not played for years so it needs adjustments to be fully played (will be done mid july 2006 by a luthier). I will post my comments after the guitar adjustments.
    all I can say is electronics works and neck is thick (apparently in the style of a LesPaul as it was said to me by a "LesPaulIST" friend).
    so wait a little bit for more ... ;-)
  • DrThousand - 2006-06-15
    I bought one new, and it sounded very good. I hadn't played a 12 string before, But I had no trouble adapting. Once I got the hang of playing it, I became a much better player; Then the guitar & i sounded FABULOUS! People on the net have been saying you can't use a 12 for your main guitar; well, Mr McGuin and I beg to differ with that statement. It's AWESOME! Ever play one thru a high-gain fuzz? Sounds like your amp is gonna blow when you bend a note!
    I don't play mine anymore because it was stolen from my apartment in Pittsburgh.
  • sploshette - 2006-08-01
    It's done. guitar was adjusted. Very pleasant to play. original tuners are very stable. Chords have a very homogenous sound. Single strings (2 in fact, obviously !) lines give a very vintage byrds-like sound. I had to choose between this one and my Vox Tempest XII ... I sold the vox !
  • Seattlemike - 2007-03-05
    I had a H79 in high school. It was given to me as a gift in 1969. I would love to track one down again. If I can find some old pictures of it, I will scan and post it
  • sploshette - 2007-07-30
    I sold my H-79 ... and buy a great Black Vox Phantom XII with matching headstock ! sorry but Vox guitars are the bests ! ;-)
  • Marquis - 2007-10-25
    I found mine in a pawnshop during my hunt for a bluesy hollowbody. I paid $250 for it I think. I string it with 6 partially because of the 3 broken tuners & partially because 6 is all I wanted. It's a great player tho. The tuners are a bit bunched up & hard to tune without moving another, but that's probably more my big fingers fault. I'm selling it now because I found a better hollowbody (harmony, of course).
  • mackchi - 2008-05-14
    I have one that belonged to my siste who was a Beatlemaniac in the 60's.
    I need to get it restrung and tuned. I am not sure if I want to sell it or not . I will post here after I get the guitar "conditioned"
  • willvis - 2008-07-07
    I bought an H79 at Able Pawn in Mobile, Alabama back around 1983. I have held on to it ever since. It sounds amazing. One of the machine heads has broken off, though, and replacements to fit that huge slotted headstock have thus far eluded my search. A great instrument to go along with my Rocket.
  • Henry - 2008-12-09
    I have a H-79 and though the body and cutouts look the same. There are a few differences. Such as the Pickups and the shape of the toggle switch. Nobs are solid black. It was my fathers and he played it well. There is a serial number but didnt find anything here give me details as to when exactly it was put into production. Perhaps if there is a way to load a picture of it I can post it for the readers.
  • Eddie - 2009-08-26
    I have this Exact guitar. My Parents bought it for me Brand new. it is all original and in mint shape. It Plays very well And is A beautiful instrument. I am glad I kept it. Has a beautiful rich sound.
  • Joshua - 2009-12-17
    My dad has this guitar, and he sort of gave it to me. its a bit beat up, but it still sounds great. imreally looking forward to fixing it soon, just because its such a great instrument
  • Gibson Guy - 2010-01-07
    I have a 1967 or 1969 H79 hollow body 12 string in great shape body wise except for a small crack in the headstock. What's funny is it STAYS in tune.
  • G3nbr - 2011-04-07
    Bought mine in 1966 - got stolen Monday 4/4/11. Loved it, lots of great memories. If anyone sees one for sale with some damage around the input jack (got dropped) and new tuners, let me know at g3nbr@yahoo.com
  • KC Chris - 2011-08-09
    I had one of these our B3 player GAVE me for a two wheel dolly for his Leslie. Used it live several times as a backup to my '68 Epi Riviera 12. Great pickups and nice wide flat neck. Sold on E-bay a couple years ago to help finance my dream ax-Gibson Super 400CSN. Worth the sacrifice but I do miss it.
  • Bob Presnell - 2014-07-10
    I bought mine new in 1964 I believe and I wouldn't part with it for nothing! I had to work on the neck a lot broke the truss rod 2 times but when Harmony was in Chicago, I sent it back and they fixed it every time. I still use it when I play The Birds songs, or Beatles songs or any of 60' or 70'song that need a 12 string. I have had this guitar for over 50 years and when I die it goes to my children who also play. Keep on pickin my good friends and may God bless.
  • martin - 2016-07-26
    I have had one of these since the late 60's and played it in high school. still have it and the original case. took it to the antiques roadshow in indy two weeks ago and had them look at it. Not roadshow air time worthy but they valued it at 750 to a grand. they told me these were produced from 66 - 70.
  • Kevin - 2017-01-29
    Just picked one up in Hanahan, SC at an estate sale. Found a set of machine heads on ebay for $20 as a couple on it are bent and I'm not sure whether they'll bend back without breaking. Will be replacing the nut and getting the bridge replaced/repaired as a couple 'teeth' are broken. Need to find a case (Harmony C79). All in all a great find. Will be an excellent accompaniment to my Harmony 525 amp
  • Mark - 2017-12-08
    I was trying to figure out what year my H79 was made serial # 5312. I have it since new. Great condition as i Never really played the 12 string much and became a Bass player.
    I would consider selling or trading it.
  • jeff - 2018-12-13
    I bought a basket-case H-79 off eBay a couple years ago. All the parts were there, but the neck block was cracked, and the wiring was screwy. Fortunately the neck block crack was in a place which would close with string tension rather than open up. Important since the twelve strings would be pulling against this crack rather than six strings! I closed the crack with epoxy (sorry true luthiers, didn't see any advantage with hide glue here).
    The pickups were fine and the electronics ultimately sorted out. used the double saddle you see in the pictures to accommodate the different string diameters for better intonation between the octave strings. The low strings need the longer dimension of the lower saddle to intonate with the higher octave strings due to the different string diameters. You really notice the discrepancy when you barre up or capo. The "jangle" one hears from 12-strings comes from this, and perfect intonation actually may not be what you want, even if you can hear it as some (and I...a) can.
    This H-79 emerged from repair as a primo axe which I gig with now. It knocked my Korean Gretsch 12 off the block, and I sold that one with no real regrets, even though it was a good solid guitar. This Harmony 12 has a shorter neck and much lighter headstock which gives it a way better balance to play. The fat "C"-neck is comfortable in my hand for chords, though I don't even try to wrap my thumb for low F or F# bass roots. Sounds great through my tube amp, along with my H-78, my H-19, my H-66 tremolo guitar, and my Silvertone 1423 "Jupiter". I gig with them all and get interest and comments from players at every show we do (Durable Goods Band). Their sound is distinct, recognizable and definitely good.
    There's a reason that Fender and Gibson ended up at the top, but you'd be missing a LOT if you don't at least check out these old Harmony guitars. Definitely worthy!
  • David moreland - 2020-05-27
    Does anyone have a wiring diagram for one of these

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