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models H22 - Bass
Bass - Sunburst
Production year(s) : 1961-1968 (other years possible, not verified)

Single cutaway. The later model H22/1 has double cutaway from 1969. Note : these basses are flat top and back, not arched as a Rocket for example.

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400x300 - (16 kb) H22_bass_06.jpg
400x300 - (20 kb) H22_bass_07.jpg
400x300 - (18 kb) H22_bass_08.jpg
400x300 - (13 kb) H22_bass_09.jpg
400x300 - (15 kb) H22_bass_10.jpg
300x400 - (21 kb) H22_bass_11.jpg
300x400 - (25 kb) H22_bass_12.jpg
300x400 - (18 kb) H22_bass_18.jpg
352x264 - (19 kb) H22_bass_19.jpg
640x480 - (48 kb) H22_bass_1964_01.jpg
388x978 - (48 kb) H22_bass_1964_02.jpg
376x759 - (23 kb) H22_bass_1964_03.jpg
998x620 - (77 kb) H22_bass_1964_04.jpg
654x1024 - (100 kb) H22_bass_1964_05.jpg
486x734 - (34 kb) H22_bass_1964_06.jpg
575x675 - (39 kb) H22_bass_1964_07.jpg
1024x768 - (69 kb) H22_bass_1964_08.jpg
1010x710 - (53 kb) H22_bass_1966_01.jpg
193x502 - (19 kb) H22_bass_1966_02.jpg
391x522 - (32 kb) H22_bass_1966_03.jpg
322x514 - (20 kb) H22_bass_1966_04.jpg
217x438 - (18 kb) H22_bass_1966_05.jpg
224x506 - (16 kb) H22_bass_1967_01.jpg
361x768 - (22 kb) H22_bass_1967_02.jpg
744x960 - (58 kb) H22_bass_1967_03.jpg
996x735 - (69 kb) H22_bass_1967_04.jpg
753x961 - (40 kb) H22_bass_1967_05.jpg
1024x768 - (80 kb) H22_bass_1967_06.jpg
1024x768 - (113 kb) H22_bass_1967_07.jpg
1024x768 - (66 kb) H22_bass_1967_08.jpg
1024x768 - (140 kb) H22_bass_1967_09.jpg
656x1024 - (69 kb) H22_bass_1967_10.jpg
703x960 - (54 kb) H22_bass_1967_11.jpg
385x1024 - (30 kb) H22_bass_20.jpg
800x292 - (46 kb) H22_bass_21.jpg
443x1109 - (87 kb) H22_bass_22.jpg
800x1090 - (123 kb) H22_bass_23.jpg
1059x800 - (113 kb) H22_bass_24.jpg
964x754 - (95 kb) H22_bass_25.jpg
463x1200 - (98 kb) H22_bass_26.jpg
248x1200 - (40 kb) H22_bass_27.jpg
519x1000 - (63 kb) H22_bass_28.jpg
508x1200 - (80 kb) H22_bass_29.jpg
420x1000 - (37 kb) H22_bass_30.jpg
600x900 - (53 kb) H22_bass_31.jpg
800x1200 - (114 kb) H22_bass_32.jpg
573x906 - (84 kb) H22_bass_33.jpg
712x912 - (52 kb) H22_bass_34.jpg
1200x800 - (110 kb)

Width16"406 mm
Length44"1/41123 mm
Body depth2"51 mm
Scale30"1/8764 mm
Neck at nut1"3/445 mm
Neck at 12th2"49.5 mm

Weight6lb 12.1oz3060 g

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74 comments | Add your comment !

  • Sean - 2005-09-30
    The best bass ever built.
  • Chris - 2005-10-23
    I bought this bass in 1974 and have just handed it over to my 16 yr old son who is learning how to play it.
  • Bob - 2006-01-20
    The best bass I've ever owned. I've had them all.
  • Bob - 2006-01-27
    The Harmony H22 is one of the best basses I ever owned. I got it from ebay and it needed a lot of work. Had the repairs done by Halifax's note worthy Tom Dorward, the results were amaizing. I play this bass every day. I won't gig the bass brcause I don't have a case for it yet. Gonna get a custom road case built for it.Buy these basses guys and keep the bass alive,the bass is worthy of this.
    Bob Young
    Nova Scotia, Canada
  • johnny b - 2006-02-13
    two words...killer tone...best bass I have ever owned or played, just bought another as a back-up. Plays great-sounds great, bought my first one in 2002 and have used it on over 500+ gigs as well as some recording and am always asked about it, sounds like an upright without having to lug the ol' doghouse around. Do yourself a favor and get one, you will not be disappointed, you can find some in great condition and some that need a little work, but well worth it.
  • big daddy bass 51 - 2006-09-26
    I acquired an H22/1 with the original strings! The sound when i first tried it out is amazing.I can not stop playing this BABY.it has 5-65w or m on the inside.The first 2 serial no's have faded ,the rest I can read.I have been looking for this bass for over 9 months. The condition of the bass was immaculate it had been hardly played' the frets are in great shape.I don't know what could top this sound coming from this jewel!God bless HARMONY for making a true classic.For those of you who haveone you know what Imean. Now to find a H27!GROVE ON!
  • JW - 2006-11-18
    1966 Harmony H-22 has a nice woody tone with a full bass sound. Any ideas on replacement tuners or a nice fitting hardshell case?
  • Johnnyp - 2006-11-20
    The H22 the best sounding electric bass ever built.
    Howdy from Ft Worth Texas !!!!!
  • Skidd - 2006-12-27
    In the early '70s a friend of mine had a guitar and an amp in his basement that would make noise,so I picked it up, played along with the records (Grand Funk, Sabbath et al) and eventually learned a bit about how to play. (30 years and some bands later I hope I'm a player, but you know...) The guitar was a Harmony H-22. Don't know what the amp was. 20 watts of some junk or another,long since mercifly gone to the dump. But the guitar! This bass hung on my friend's wall unplayed (he would never let me play it because I'm a heavy handed 5 string rock player, among other things) for all these years and then lo and behold! he gave me the guitar! How fabulous is that? This thing is the ultimate RnB, country, rock whatever tool through a 100 watt tube amp of most any variety (done have played it through several, so far. The Hammond Rnb dude I'm playing with at the moment loves it.) So! The point being it's my fave axe and is going to change my playing (nothing could hurt) but I have some questions. What kind of strings should I put on it? Modern strings have way too much tension for the neck, they warp it, so I've been playing it in a D flat tuning because the neck will take it. Where can I find technical info on this guitar? And other questions later. This thing is not in pristine condition.The original sunburst finish was sanded off and taken down to the blond wood (which looks great) the knobs are other than orignal, tho acceptable, and the small tuning pegs were replaced with bigger,cheap pegs, which I'm going to replace with Schallers or something. The big pegs look and work better, so. One last thing. Somebody on this site was wanting the bat wing pick guard for the H-22. I've got it and don't want it on this guitar, so I'de be willing to give it up. Love to all, lots of fun with the cheap(Ha!) and beautiful guitars!
  • The ThumpMeister ! - 2007-01-12
    Got a '66 H22 and it's spanking! Has flatwounds fitted which I think are the original strings!
    How do you go back to a P-Bass when you've played one of these awesome woof monsters! This bass can remove a bars' optics in two notes!
    The great Ronnie Lane used one of these throughout his stint with the Small Faces which made me lust for one. Many years of searching finally came to fruition and I nabbed one on e-bay...Ye Gods what an awesome bass! This is one of those great lost treasures that Indiana Jones strives to discover for posterity...totally original including the oft removed scratchplate , she just booms a woody yet melodic undertone that really is so earthy and mellow I swear you will be convinced she's speaking! OK...OK....so I love this bass... Yeah I admit it... Just grab one and ignore any other bass review....believe me...the H22 IS the ULTIMATE Bass !
  • rackhunter - 2007-02-13
    Hey guys I have a 63 H22, I've had it since I was 16. I noticed mine have dark brown knobs instead of the white ones I see on the ones in the pictures. I'm sure mine are original. Have you ever seen that before? The toilet flusher as someone called it is white.
  • david michael - 2007-03-18
    I received this bass as Christmas present in 1985, it was used. It has heavy duty gear box type tuning pegs[they were on it when I got it], it doesn't have any #'s on it. It also has black nobs[one is clear with #s on it]. It also has only 3 screws on the back. It has sound that is so deep and vibrating! I have a Gibson tube type amp. Have not seen any pics that match mine exactly.
  • Bird Stevens - 2007-06-30
    I have a Harmony 1961 H22 bass it sounds like a Big train
    The best i ever had "highly recommended"
    I'm searching for the pefect case for it to get on the road
    any suggestions ?
  • jsohn - 2007-08-30
    I have seen H22 fit Epiphone 335 guitar cases. It's a bit tight but it it works!
  • Jerry J - 2007-10-31
    Has anyone been able to confirm the Epi 335 case as a fit? I wonder if the ES175 case would work better? I just don't have a source locally where I could try it out. So I would have to order the case and hope that it fits.
  • DaveC - 2007-11-15
    I bought an H22 back in 1965 from 8th Street Music in Philly, and played it for a number of years. It eventually got stolen. I replaced it with a Gibson EBO (no comparison there), and then a Rickenbacker 4001 (totally different animal). To this day I still remember the tone of that H22. I played it with the original flat wound strings (never replaced) through an Ampeg B15, and it thumped!
  • Izdovrcr - 2007-12-05
    I was given this bass a gift from my mom back in 1964. She bought it from Montgomery Ward resale shop for about $30.00. It has a crack on the bottom side but still sounds and plays fantastically
  • Reggie - 2007-12-28
    I am a Saxophone Player who recieved this bass as a Christmas present from my parents back in the 60's. Loved it then Love it now its my first and most valued instrument and I have many, so that says a lot. I can play it tirelessly with the nice small neck and smooth feel. Be it through an amp, or sitting on the side of the bed, the tone is killer. Yes Harmony got it right on this instrument.
  • Biff the Bass - 2008-01-22
    I have owned my H22 since 1968. I bought it for £30 second hand. I'm still gigging a couple of times a week, although these days I mainly use my P bass. I also have a Jazz bass. However, occasionally the Harmony still goes out. It never fails to amaze me how much bottom end it has, & it's considerably lighter than the fenders!
    Wiltshire England
  • phrenology - 2008-03-30
    I love Harmony Guitars. I have a 68' H54/1 Double cutaway and I love it, but I'm more of a bass player. I'm anxious to give the H22 a shot. I just finished building up a P-bass 57' reissue with a fretless Jazz neck. I strung it up with Rotosound RS 88 LD nylon coated black flatwounds. I bet Rotos would be good on the H22, as they have a lower tension. Hey Bassmelon you wanna sell me that H22??? What shape is it in...email me phrenology@yahoo.com
  • New2H22 - 2008-04-07
    I recently was asked by my pastor's father in law if I wanted to learn to play bass. Oh boy do I! So he broke out this well used '67 H-22. He said I could have it if I stayed with it, and traded a nice medium size Yamaha accoustic for it.
    I just about fell over, for months I've been looking for a hollow body, but never dreamed of owning one. A friend tried talking me into a Carvin... but they do not build hollow bodies and I simply didn't have his kind of money.
    After a season of just plunking on it and learning some chords, I just love it. At home it is being run through a Fender Rumble, which is OK for practice. But at church it runs through a Fender 150 Bassman and it shakes the floor. At home with the 150, it used to rattle the wife's nick gnacks on her curio shelf... and run the dogs out the back door! The tone is awesome and it is very easy to play. I had no idea how different and way neater the sound quality was on a hollow body until this H-22 came along.
    The fellow who had it plays it like a lead guitar, and says he loved it better than his '57 Gibson.
  • The Ive - 2008-06-24
    I traded a Hondo Alien and an el Degas 4001 for my H22 in the mid 90's at a shopping mall music store. I ripped them off so bad! I've played in Classic Rock cover bands, and between my '74 Rickenbacker 4001 and my H22(i think it's a '63), I have all the bases covered.
  • Jennifer - 2008-06-29
    I just found this page. Imagine my surprise when pictures 11-18 were pictures of MY actual bass! Lol... I listed it on ebay years ago, and I guess lots of people liked and copied my pictures, because this isn't the first place I've seen them. Would have been nice to get credit for them, though, lol... Needless to say, I still have the bass. I had a high offer on it since it's in EXCELLENT condition, but I play bass and just couldn't part with it. The H-22 is a really cool vintage instrument with a very distinct tone.
  • François (webmaster) - 2008-06-30
    Yes Jennifer, your pictures are great, and now you have credit for it ;-) To say the truth, I even used your stamps pictures as the sample of date on the FAQ page... This serial is now a legend !
  • Snofi - 2008-07-12
    I got mine in 78 from a friend of a friend who had found it on a dump and restored it
    This for me is THE BASS
  • Texas_Traveler - 2008-08-12
    I started playing bass in 1967 on a used H22. have not found anything that was comparable. ran through a fender super bassman amp with twin 15"JBL speakers. anything smaller either blew up or walked off stage from the deep tone
  • Ian McLagan - 2008-11-11
    The Thumpmeister said it. Ronnie Lane was playing one of these when I joined Small Faces in 1965. He bought another and then got a double cutaway, moved on to big old ugly Gretsch, which sounded great, but nowhere near as good as the Harmony H22. He used to smack it with the palm of his hand, we called it his Cubo-Latin thing. He and Kenney jones used to rock out! This site is fantastic. My first guitar in 1962 was a Harmony Sovereign. I bought one recently that sucks, but I have two Harmony Rockets, one a mint blonde sunburst, and the other a red sunburst that I can't stop playing. It sings. What a great site.
  • The Thumpmeister! - 2008-11-13
    Oi Oi Mac! Whaddamindblast to have a namecheck from the #1 Hammond Masseur. You said it cocker...the H22 just has a very special tone all its' own. Played "The Fly" on it a few days ago and I swear it had the sweat drippin' from me underpants...glorious! OK guys & gals...it's
    official. This really is the ultimate bass!
    BTW-Caught you darn the Brighton Concorde not long ago Mac...blindin'gig! Stay Cool.
  • JW Bass - 2009-01-14
    I replaced my 1966 H-22 tuners (It came with large Schaller tuners) with Hipshot UltraLights after drilling out and replugging the holes. Huge improvement in the balance of the bass when wearing a strap! I've found a nice fitting hardshell case, it's the Epiphone Jack Casady bass case for $119.97 w/free shipping at Sweetwater.com. What a player!
  • Len Liechti, Bath, UK - 2009-01-20
    I have a fascination for Harmony's cheap but cheerful kit (I own a 60's H-1 Copper Lapsteel, and a mid-70's A-line mandolin made in Taiwan just before the company disappeared, both fine players given their budget origins). Players have always queried the use of the tiny tuners on the H-22 bass, and on looking at the gallery above it appears to me that these are the same tuners as used on Harmony's archtop tenor guitars. Harmony came very late to bass guitar manufacture and may have regarded the bass guitar as just an extension of the tenor. They would also have been a lot cheaper than the big Kluson bass heads! Brilliant website, by the way. Best, Len :-)
  • rocknewtne - 2009-01-25
    I Own Three H-22s A 1962,A 1964 and A 1967. I LOVE This Bass.The Tone is Amazing and The Short Scale Neck Is Very Fast.I Use Rotosound Jazz Swings and Am Continually Told It Is The Best Bass Sound People Have ever Heard.I Use My 62 As A Regular Gigging Bass and Get Comments On It All The Time.I Play in a blues band and we do about 200 gigs a year.I also have a 73 ricky 4001,a 2002 Fender Jazz an 80 Ibanez roadster[only model year] and none compare to the Harmonys.The band won't even let me bring one of my other basses to gigs.Through a great Ampeg Setup these basses are truly amazing.I Love My Harmonys.
  • Bob Diddley - 2009-02-16
    I traded a Rambler (car, for the young'uns)for an H-22 about 30 years ago. I got the better deal. It was a mess, and I stripped off the sunburst paint, stained it walnut brown, and replaced the tuners with Schallers. I'm not a stickler for authenticity - I wanted a bass to play, not a museum artifact. I still have it, though I don't often use it anymore. A friend has one in immaculate original condition. I'd like to get the black plastic-coated strings for it, that's what sounds best to me, but I can't find them.
  • Bassman Lewey - 2009-02-22
    I have a 1966 H-22 I am in the process of re-doing. Can't wait to get it finished so I can play it!
  • Dennis - 2009-05-05
    I had one of these from 67 to 74. I played bass in a high school cover band in east central Missouri. We had a blast. We were not very good but we were loud and this baby rocked. We played high school gyms, outdoor pavilions, dance halls, etc. We played this guitar and the organ through a Sears 100w solid state amp on one side of the stage and placed a Fender Bassman aux speaker cabinet on the other side of the stage, so the organ and bass came through solid and loud. We had a blast. I sold it to the campus Catholic center in Columbia MO before I graduated college. They may still have it, who knows.
  • Leslie - 2009-11-08
    Mine has original everything, it was my grandfathers and was bought in the late 60's. It's absolutely beautiful and he even cut 4 records in 2 different bands using it.
  • Ben - 2010-09-22
    My first real love, since I couldn't get up the nerve to ask a girl out, was my H-22. In 1969 I was 12 and would hang out in my friends basement in Huntington Woods Mich. listening to his brothers band practice.Turns out one of the guitarists was Marshall Crenshaw. But the bass player, Dan Logan, played an H-22. One day I found out he was selling it and I bought it--forgot how much I paid though. It stayed with me until 10th grade and I gave it to an exchange student from Mexico. He kept it until recently and gave it to his son to learn to play bass.
    In the mid 90s I was living in Northern Idaho and I saw one in a music store and grabbed it for $60. I think it was missing the original tuners so I decided to refinish it in natural wood and I put brass in the fret markers.
    Shortly after that a guy I knew saw the bass and he said this girl he knew had one just like it with all original hardware, finish, etc.. I asked him if she would trade me. He got back to me and I traded. It was in great shape!
    Here's the sad part--I was driving into town one day to practice as a member of a pit band for a local theater production. I put the bass in its case in the back of my pickup and somehow it flew out on the way there!! I was driving around 60 mph.I still can't figure out why I didn't put it in the cab. Needless to say I didn't have a bass for practice that night. I mentioned it to a friend who worked at the radio station and somehow he got it on the air that I lost the bass from my truck on the highway. Strangly, someone called the radio station and said they found it at the side of the road!!!
    When I got it back it was in pretty sad shape. The pickup had come off and lost a bunch of its windings. The toilet tone control electronics had a cracked assembly but worst of all the end of the bass had been smashed. I kept all the parts for another ten years and one day I decided to restore it.
    I got the pickup rewound, did surgery on the electronics and dug into fixing the wood. I ended up replacing a good 12" of maple on the bottom edge, complete with bracing and bending the new piece. I also replaced all of the plastic binding on all the edges. I was able to recreate the sunburst finish with aerosol paints from the Guitar Ranch and overall it looks and plays as good as new.
    Tomorrow I'm going to use it to jam with some locals I met. I almost forgot--The sound of these things can't be beat!!!
  • rick - 2010-10-22
    i got one of the reissues (i gave up trying to win an H 22 on ebay, but the size is the same. i also have an H 27, and the epiphone jack casady signature bass hardshell case fits both of the Harmonys like it was custom made for it!
  • AGman - 2011-01-24
    I have a studio and I put a 64 Hoffner track one and Harmony bass track two with the exact same recording and there was no dispute that the Harmony was the better - sorry, Paul McCartney...
  • Bill - 2011-05-01
    I found a photo of my old high school band from 1966! The guys are all decked out in new "mod" clothes with our moptops... the guitarist with a 12-string Framus, the other guitarist with a Gibson Melody Maker, and me with a Harmony H22, the first bass I ever had, one my dad bought for me at Manny's, NYC. For years, I thought it was an uncool bass as I remember it, eventually replacing it with a hot, red Gibson EB0, and later a sunburst J-bass. Now, 43 years later, and many Inbanez', Warwicks, Spectors, etc., I'd love to own that bass in the picture I posed with all those years ago.
  • Chako Kanyon (The Selectmen) - 2011-05-12
    We traded a small Marshall combo amp to get my super wife a lighter bass guitar. How fortunate we were to find one of these in a local music store.
    We played the heck out of i t and even recorded with it. Always sounds great, never changed the strings (feared we might break the tuners, but now - WOW!) Many bands later, I get to play and record with it and still get offers and "Ohhs and Ahhhs!"
    Sadly, the calls are not for me!
    This bass rocks, so happy to have one in our family.
    God bless Ronnie Lane too!
    Small Faces forever - and go Mod too!
  • tflemingo - 2011-07-11
    I just re-acquired the same H22 that I played for years and then let go 40 years ago.
    It's so good to have my baby back again!!!
  • IHeartAmpeg - 2011-07-15
    Bought a '66 H22, branded as a Holiday. I love the tone from this thing. I'd say the DeArmond Gold Tone pickup was worth the purchase price alone. I sold an upright bass and used part of the proceeds to buy the H22. A pretty good approximation of the sounds I was getting from the upright. If it was fretless, then I would have the perfect electric substitute for the upright. This model alone can wake up most people to the value in a Harmony instrument.
  • Kenny - 2011-10-03
    Found a '66 model H22 for $175 bucks. The frets had been yanked to make it into a fretless. Added frets. Lost the magic, added fret lines (think plastic binding) lost the magic. Still too metallic sounding. Returned it to a fretless and injected paint into the fret slots. Magic came back. W/ flats it eariely sounds like an upright. Great instrument. Fab pickup.
  • BassDaddy - 2011-10-22
    Check out the latest youtube nprmusic tiny desk concert - Wilco bassist using H22 (reissue?).
  • Hansel - 2011-11-25
    I have an early harmony hollow body bass,by far the best sounding bass I've ever played.I have played washburn,peavy,fender,and ibanez, harmony is the best
  • Terry Groff - 2012-03-26
    I have a '65 H22 and a '71 H22/1 Double Cutaway
  • Paul - 2012-05-12
    I came across an old beat up chipboard bass guitar case when I was cleaning out a storage area in an auto repair shop I worked at for the new owners. Inside was a Harmony bass missing strings, tuners and pick guard. The bridge was in the the little storage box under the neck. I played guitar and it looked interesting so I asked the owner if I could have it. He said OK so I took it home intending to see if the pickup worked and maybe fix it up. This was in 1980. It lived in the back of my closet for almost 30 years. A few years ago I found this site and realized what I had. '64 H22. My brother gave me a set of tuners and I bought a set of flatwounds. Love it. When I go to open jams, some people joke that I should get a "real" bass. Then they ask if I would be interested in selling it. HaHa. Nope.
  • Rick - 2013-01-13
    I have an H22 that I bought from a guy for 25 bucks back in the early 70's. It layed in Mom's basement for the last 30 years, someone had taken the frets out and tried to narrow the neck. I just found out what it was after I found it while cleaning out Mom;s basement for her.
  • guitarbuzz - 2013-03-11
    I bought mine when I was 15 years old. I paid $50.00 dollars for the bass in 65 or 66. I am a little guy and always loved how easy it was to play. I played through an Ampeg flip top with a Jensen and later on JBL speaker. I played all over San Diego. We were mostly covering Beatle tunes. I still have the bass, but could kick myself for letting the amp go. I had a Ricky for a while, and have a nice American Jazz bass but seem to yearn for the short scale and light easy playability and tone of the H22. I am getting the Harmony repaired and hope to start using it again. I like the die cast tuners on the reisue bass.
  • Paul - 2013-04-16
    My friend got one from a garage sale. Paid 20$. It was taking too much space and he never played it so he passed on to me. Lucky me. Good condition. I was hoping for a tone change from my jazz bass and got it. Great tone. Easy to play. Funky tuners though....Another convert!
  • Terry Groff - 2014-02-21
    I just wanted to add some good news to my comment above. Since then I have retrieved the '66 H22 that was stolen from me in 2007. Whoever had it really beat it up but it stills plays and sounds like a dream. My baby is back.
  • Barry - 2014-05-11
    Anyone spotted the strange rear sunburst pattern on one of the H22's above?? it follows the contours rather than a disc shape? the only other one Ive seen like that was Ronnie Lanes.
  • Tore Höghielm - 2014-08-29
    Great site! I just noticed a picture of my H-22 and chipboard bass guitar case that I bought from Ebay in april this year. Wonderful bass! I started in my first band whith a H-22, and this one is from 66 like me.
  • John G. - 2014-11-23
    Yesterday I found an H22 in near mint condition at
    my favorite music dealer. I'm basically a Fender guy
    but after playing this beauty I couldn't put it down
    Mine was built in 1965 and its pristine condition
    commanded a very heavy price. These basses are not
    expensive, they are priceless. A must for your
  • jeremy - 2015-06-15
    I just recently acquired this bass. it is in excellent condition and im trying to sell it. anyone know its value?
  • John - 2015-08-27
    Bought one of these at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago for $5.
    It's got a serious bow in the neck so I think I'm going to send it off to my friend who learned luthier work from Dan Torres.
    Looking forward to playing it!!!!
  • Mr. P - 2015-12-27
    Just found a 66 harmony h22! All original and plays like a wet dream! Easiest playing bass I've ever played. Definitive bass tone. plenty of scratches and dings that only add to this old beauty`s character. At $200 I practically stole it!
  • Barbara Sullivan - 2016-05-20
    I have a h22 harmony bass really need to find someone who will pay a decent price and love this bass as my husband did
  • Julian - 2016-11-02
    Great sounding versatile bass.
    Have two, one had a bad backbow on the neck, so replaced fingerboard, sorted the trussrod. Then made it fretless with a nice chunk of Ebony for the fingerboard.
  • Grandpa Tom - 2017-01-02
    Great trip down memory lane! In 1965, I got an H22 bass for Christmas. Like ILoveAmpeg, above, mine was also labeled "Holiday". I recall my folks getting it through mail order from Fingerhut, so maybe some sort of private label deal? Anyway, I got the bass, ran it through a St. George 12" bass amp (rented from a local music store, later purchased), and got to join the neighborhood garage band. Played some local park dances, school dances, country club "teen" dances. Kinks, Stones, Animals,Yardbirds...didn't know until later that we had a blues band! I believe we were the best of many local teen bands, stayed/played together for 5 years. Sold that git to a coworker for her son @ 1980. Never got paid, either. Still own a 1969 Gibson EB-3, had it since 1978. Still looking for an H22 to recreate those decades-old tones, no luck yet. H 22 will always be a 'first love".
  • Dennis - 2017-01-12
    I inherited a h22 (66) whitch mostly lay in its case (the original carton) in a closet. The potentiometers was inside the body but after a simple renovation, New pickguard (thanks eBay), original knobs it has become my favorite bass! Dennis
  • Jimmy karl Black - 2017-01-13
    My first real bass, started learning bass on an Old Craftsman, The manager of my band traded it and my vox Essex for a Sunn amp and a Hofner bass,which was great but the band broke up within a year and he had taken out a loan to pay for the new equipment and he was taking the payment out of my playing money. When the band broke up he told me I could keep the equipment as long as I made the payments. So at the ripe old age of 15 I was already in debt. Luckily I found another band and paid the equipment off
  • Richard R. - 2017-05-22
    The Epiphone case for the Jack Casady bass fits my H22 perfectly, and it was not too expensive. My H22 has Thomastik flat wounds on it. It's a big sound, but not muddy.
  • michael - 2017-06-30
    Just bought an H22, needs work. I think I sorted the truss rod issue, and it needs a nut, am considering the Zero-Glide nut solution. I may heat the neck to give it a nice straight line, like starting over. Back in the day I had a Framus(65-67) Star Bass first, then Mozrite bass(67-69), want to go back to the hollow body thumpy days.
  • michael - 2017-07-08
    Hooray, my H22 is taking shape. In Kamikaze tradition, I bought a piece of angle iron, 1", suspended it over my floor heater, clamped my neck, and turned on the heat to 90F for about 20+ minutes....kept clamping until straight, cooled over night. badabing! Next is putting on the ZeroGlide nut, so trussrod sorted, neck sorted, only nut, then setup! Yeah for me, first time try(did I say I was 67?)
  • michael - 2017-07-25
    update on my H22. Truss rod sorted, works great; Zeroglide nut installed, works great; straightened neck, leveled upper frets from fret 12 up, buzz is only slight in the A string, will get back to it. truss rod measurement is .015, saddle/bridge is 3-4/32 at fret 16, nut height .024( a little high) but not bad for a 52 yr old bass that rocks better now. Who said the 60's are dead? We may be old, but we got to see all the coolest bands.
  • Dire - 2017-08-03
    Michael the ZeroGlide sounds like a great idea for this bass... Was there a particular variety you ordered or did you have one custom made? My nut is OK but could be better. Mine could use some fret work, maybe some neck adjustment, and some serious finish rejuvenation. Oh yeah, mine's also got a big crack along one side... Other than that, it plays and sounds good, I just put on a set of Pyramid Gold strings, after a very brief aborted attempt at LaBella black nylons (sounded like crap on this bass) preceded by a couple years of LaBella regular flats (E and A strings sounded OK, D and G sounded very blah)... The Pyramid flats are definitely an improvement, soundwise.
  • Michael - 2017-08-11
    Latest update on repairing issues on my H22: I put a .25 degree shim, which gave me more adjusting ability with the saddle/bridge. I readjusted the truss rod and now have less than .010in, the string height at fret 16 is now 3/32(E) and 2/32(G). I had to level the frets more on the last 5-6 frets, but finally got them all. The Zeroglide I used was the ZB-2 blank for Gibson, 12 in rad. I also had to ask for the lowest/smallest fret they had (.035) to get the nut height as low as possible(.020+/-). Have D'Addario flats on it. A little cleaner/lube on the pots, switches, and all is great! I might try putting some natural fibre insulation in the hollow body to try to prevent feedback, maybe even thick yarn! Easy to put in,take out. Not sure yet. Hope these help someone!
  • Hondo - 2017-10-10
    I got my H22 bass in 1967. I was 12. I swapped a stingray bicycle to my buddy for it. It's gone through many hardships and changes. It still sounds great. I've owned Fenders, Epis, and even an Avalon. I still go back to this old girl for the sound. Nothing like it.
  • Angela gonzales - 2018-02-12
    The guitar that I have on your website I have seen it on a page and made a copy they're actually thing that my heater $109 well I don't believe it and I have not seen that y'all could find my in your category
  • Don Mcmahan - 2018-07-30
    I had one of these a very long time ago....I wish I still did
  • Sconjohnstown - 2018-12-14
    I have an awesome mint condition H22 F71 Harmony hollow body batwing and never had a case. Beautiful tone and easy for a female to hold. I carried mine in a heavy duty garment bag meant for men’s suits. Kept it in great condition . Never could find a case that fit well.
  • michael - 2019-05-13
    I have a great H22 and was considering putting on some Sperzel locking tuners, wondering if the increase in tuning stability would outweigh the decrease in value from a collector's standpoint.
  • Mr Kevin Gardner Sr - 2019-06-19
    ******* ALERT,,*************
    For those whom, wish a project of lasting worth, I found not one but Two" Harmony for SALE, H22, original, Bass, guard and strings missing, and a Harmony, H956, original 1956 model, both are up for auction on ebay, by,, seattlegoodwill(220054)

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