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models H47 - Stratotone Mercury
Electric hollowbody - Redburst
Production year(s) : 1958-1965 (other years possible, not verified)

1 "Golden-Tone Indox" pickup by DeArmond. The tone switch has three positions : "Bass" gives the usual direct wiring with vol and tone control. "Treble" bypasses the tone control, the volume pot only is active. "Rythm" is the same as treble but some low frequencies are cut (so yes, this is even more treble than treble...). A left handed model was available.

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450x600 - (33 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_02.jpg
450x600 - (33 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_03.jpg
640x480 - (49 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_04.jpg
400x300 - (12 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_05.jpg
600x379 - (38 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_06.jpg
620x439 - (37 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_07.jpg
738x479 - (40 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_08.jpg
677x449 - (33 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_09.jpg
366x470 - (38 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_10.jpg
696x465 - (40 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_11.jpg
650x448 - (47 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_12.jpg
700x176 - (23 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_13.jpg
400x300 - (24 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_14.jpg
300x400 - (20 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_15.jpg
300x400 - (18 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_16.jpg
206x432 - (15 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_17.jpg
432x576 - (37 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_18.jpg
576x432 - (29 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_19.jpg
432x576 - (35 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_1958_01.jpg
470x897 - (82 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_1958_02.jpg
420x911 - (71 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_1958_03.jpg
645x972 - (102 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_1958_04.jpg
1006x369 - (58 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_1958_05.jpg
883x456 - (83 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_1958_06.jpg
713x884 - (95 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_1965_01.jpg
600x800 - (51 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_1965_02.jpg
600x800 - (53 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_1965_03.jpg
600x800 - (43 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_1965_04.jpg
600x800 - (58 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_1965_05.jpg
600x800 - (44 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_1965_06.jpg
600x800 - (48 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_1965_07.jpg
800x600 - (53 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_1965_08.jpg
600x800 - (64 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_1965_09.jpg
800x600 - (59 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_1965_10.jpg
800x600 - (63 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_20.jpg
570x354 - (36 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_21.jpg
260x540 - (38 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_22.jpg
226x540 - (30 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_23.jpg
299x414 - (34 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_24.jpg
333x540 - (42 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_25.jpg
363x540 - (27 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_26.jpg
309x265 - (13 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_27.jpg
336x798 - (36 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_28.jpg
600x800 - (53 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_29.jpg
800x600 - (54 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_30.jpg
800x600 - (58 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_31.jpg
600x800 - (51 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_32.jpg
800x600 - (66 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_33.jpg
318x797 - (31 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_34.jpg
800x600 - (58 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_35.jpg
600x800 - (46 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_36.jpg
251x579 - (19 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_37.jpg
425x596 - (36 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_38.jpg
375x618 - (34 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_39.jpg
253x607 - (15 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_40.jpg
357x635 - (32 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_41.jpg
480x640 - (42 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_42.jpg
425x597 - (38 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_lefty_01.jpg
640x480 - (74 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_lefty_1964_01.jpg
162x400 - (15 kb) H47_Stratotone_Mercury_lefty_1964_02.jpg
400x239 - (20 kb)

Width13"1/4336 mm
Length38"965 mm
Body depth1"7/848 mm
Scale24"1/4615 mm
Neck at nut1"3/444.8 mm
Neck at 12th2"49.6 mm

Weight4lb 10.2oz2100 g

21 comments | Add your comment !

  • Steve Downey - 2006-09-24
    This model was my first electric guitar. I still have fond memories of yet 41 years later! The movable bridge was a pain, but I dug the finish and the shape of the guitar. It was a thrill to see the model again on this website. Keep up the good work!
    Steve (have played since 14 and I am 54!)
  • Steve - 2006-10-05
    Well, thanks to you I now know I have an H-47. Unfortunately the original pickup had to be replaced. I paid $20 for the guitar. The replacement DeArmond was installed by Carlo Greco so at least the repair was reputable.
    Thanks again
  • Mike - 2007-07-15
    This was my 1st guitar too. I can't believe it's been 40 years
  • Gary - 2007-08-06
    Unlikely as this is, i just pulled one of these out of a pile of construction debris this morning in its original semihard shell case. I've played acoustic guitar, mandolin, tenor banjo since the late 70s doing Irish, Sea/Maritime, OldTimey, bluegrass music and whatever else. It may be time to take up the vintage rock from my childhood.
    Wonder what stories this instrument could tell...
    I learned to play guitar the summer of 1976 on a Harmony acoustic my parents bought used for my much older brother when he was in college at Berkeley in about 1965 or 66. He never learned to play it.
    Have fun playing everyone!
  • Terence Champagne Pannier - 2008-01-11
    Traded a set of Jack Nicklaus golf clubs for this guitar back in Long Island 73. Still play it, had it shipped here to France always had Gibson, Gretsch, Epiphone envy until I found this site.Had it cleaned up in Reims. Soounds greasy, love it more than golf.
  • Bob Wiseman - 2008-12-04
    I have one of these H-47 Harmony Stratotones in the beautiful "redburst finish" that I bought in "used but not abused condition" in a hock shop in Charleston, WV in December of 1961. It is in all original great condition, in it's original case and even has the original Harmony hang tag in the case. It is still very nice and easy to play though this 70+ year old man doesn't get around to playing it often. This was not my first guitar but was always one of my favorites! Thanks for all the "great stuff" on this sight!!!
  • Brian Indiana - 2008-12-23
    I found a left hand one of these sitting in my friends basement with 4 strings on it that appeared to be about 30 years old, strung right handed of course. So I asked my friend if i could take it home (he doesn't play) and fix it up, plug it in, see if it works and what not. He obliged, so i took her home and gave her the old lemon oil, metal polish, and toothbrush routine, followed by a new set of blue steels. My suprises began when i started to tune it up and only had to go through the process twice (i figured i would be fighting back and forth between the E's for hours... or days!) So i plugged it in and it worked! The damn thing sounds good too! There are no labels except for the barely legible h47lh stamped inside the body. someone replaced the tuners with grovers, and the pickguard and original knobs are missing. I can't believe the diversity of tones i can get out of it! The neck was even still straight somehow, and there is very little fret buzz. It has a very warm sound and even sounds good with distortion... could this be my new favorite guitar???
  • Thomas - 2009-02-14
    I have one of these bad boys, sounds great no fret buzz, all original except for the strings, a little worn from rubing against but thats it.
  • Julianne - 2009-06-23
    My father had one of these on a stand lying around in the basement,(it looked lonely)it was bought at a garage sale when my dad was a kid it's over 40 years old. It is a little beat up but it plays great. Its the red sunburst one. This is the first guitar I ever played, and I like it alot.
  • Pittsburgh Joe - 2009-12-06
    Found this in my basement in the case. as a child I strummed with ignorance and broke strings, but now i love it. red sunburst model. the jack has been moved to the front and one knob removed and a different pickup added. I have been looking for original parts but goodness their impossible. I do love the sound, even unplugged.
  • mrlutton83 - 2010-08-16
    Do two of the positions on the 3 way rotary switch sound VERY similar (I would imagine they are supposed to, as that is how mine sounds--the position that is "Normal with tone control" and the other position that goes straight to the volume pot sound exactly the same to my ear.
  • John Mercy - 2011-02-11
    I just bought an H47 Redburst. I gather it was built in the winter of 1963 according to the serial numer.
    the guitar is a beauty and seems like it was built yesterday! for a guitar with this age it is really in pristine condition. and does it howl!
    blues is the way!
    cheers and thank you for this website.
    I come here more often than I would like to admit.
    great great work!
  • vintagedrumslayer - 2011-02-11
    I have a '59 stratotone redburst that was my fathers purchased second hand in the early 60's. She's been all over the country playing gigs and even been recorded with. I love this guitar and it has shown her age but with some minor tweaking has come back to life. I would like to change out the DeArmond pickup for something more modern but wanted to keep it origional. Any suggestions for pickups or a guitar tech? Great website... thankyou for 41 years of enjoyment!
  • Jack_Straw - 2011-02-20
    Also my first electric - bought at Army surplus sale even in Northern Illinois, Spring 1980!
  • Dave - 2011-03-03
    I still have mine, my dad gave it to me on my birthday when I turned 7 years old, my first electric guitar. I'm 58 now and still play it. I did refinish it, it was natural wood orginally, so I sanded it off and coated it with several layers of tung oil and it total restored the beautiful natural wood finish it had in the beginning. I did not refinsh the top where the brand decal is, it still looks good. Only problem I need pots and the wafer switch and a new rewire job for the electroncs. Everything still works but the electronics has issues, but I still love it.
  • Steve - 2011-09-19
    Posted here way back in 2006. I found out the pickup used by Carlo Greco to replace the original Golden-Tone Indox was taken from a Harmony H22 Bass. The guitar sounds great. However, I do like my stuff as original as possible.
  • Zaphod - 2012-11-28
    The H47 was my first electric guitar. My parents bought one (new) in 1963 or thereabouts for my older brother, who we soon discovered was painfully tone deaf. I inherited the guitar, and still have it (2012). It plays well, intonates about as you'd expect, and sounds marvelous through a Vox AC30. All the bits and pieces are original.
  • Pittsburgh Joe - 2013-03-27
    I have successfully restored this beauty to all of its original components. 3 position switch, tail piece, bridge and relocated the jack back to the bottom and the DeArmond Goldfoil pickup. I may have spent more money than its worth however, this functional piece of art is complete. @mrlutton83: The positions of the switch do sound similar. See the description above about how each switch position works. Love it!
  • Rich P. - 2013-06-07
    My first electric was the red sunburst (around 1964). I think the pickups were microphones and not pole magnets. My dad wanted me to play an accordion, but came across this guitar. It had great action and playability ,but sounded terrible. If it had P-90's, it would have been awesome. Wish I still had it though.
  • jim mullins - 2014-12-31
    i ordered the first left hand model 47 in 1960 or 61 from hudsons furniture in ada okla was the only company that offered to build a left hand. it was broken years, ago wish i still had one.
  • Ben - 2017-01-20
    any info on the H910 and how to tell date? Has 1753 H910 stamped in soundhole. Is it a birch or plywood top? I heard both from different sites. Thanks for any help or info....

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