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models H6560 - Sovereign jumbo
Acoustic flatop - Natural
Production year(s) : 1972-1975 (other years possible, not verified)

Seventies version of the H1260 - Some have a X-braced top in last years - Headstock wears "Sovereign" in 1972 then "Harmony" in 1974 - bound then unbound neck/headstock. Some bodies are laminated. Identification of versions is difficult. If you're looking for the x-braced version, you'd better check it inside by yourself... Not to be confused with the later H6560A, made in Korea, wich is a completely different guitar.

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426x788 - (28 kb) H6560_02.jpg
600x800 - (46 kb) H6560_03.jpg
800x600 - (69 kb) H6560_04.jpg
600x800 - (59 kb) H6560_05.jpg
431x715 - (33 kb) H6560_06.jpg
600x800 - (55 kb) H6560_07.jpg
581x556 - (33 kb) H6560_08.jpg
434x616 - (30 kb) H6560_09.jpg
407x800 - (28 kb) H6560_Sovereign_01.jpg
400x800 - (35 kb) H6560_Sovereign_02.jpg
403x800 - (48 kb) H6560_Sovereign_03.jpg
587x800 - (57 kb) H6560_Sovereign_04.jpg
800x598 - (93 kb) H6560_Sovereign_05.jpg
800x602 - (52 kb) H6560_Sovereign_06.jpg
286x400 - (23 kb) H6560_Sovereign_07.jpg
238x400 - (17 kb) H6560_Sovereign_08.jpg
393x400 - (25 kb) H6560_Sovereign_09.jpg
281x400 - (21 kb) H6560_Sovereign_10.jpg
400x148 - (10 kb) H6560_Sovereign_1972_01.jpg
407x800 - (70 kb) H6560_Sovereign_1972_02.jpg
426x800 - (70 kb) H6560_Sovereign_1972_03.jpg
600x800 - (73 kb) H6560_Sovereign_1972_04.jpg
587x740 - (58 kb) H6560_Sovereign_1972_05.jpg
239x800 - (39 kb) H6560_Sovereign_1972_06.jpg
800x600 - (57 kb) H6560_Sovereign_1972_07.jpg
800x600 - (69 kb) H6560_Sovereign_1972_08.jpg
600x800 - (83 kb) H6560_Sovereign_1975_01.jpg
401x800 - (51 kb) H6560_Sovereign_1975_02.jpg
382x691 - (38 kb) H6560_Sovereign_1975_03.jpg
600x749 - (62 kb) H6560_Sovereign_1975_04.jpg
600x641 - (29 kb) H6560_Sovereign_1975_05.jpg
431x681 - (41 kb) H6560_Sovereign_1975_06.jpg
554x682 - (49 kb) H6560_Sovereign_1975_07.jpg
425x800 - (57 kb)

Top woodSpruce
Body woodMahogany
Solid spruce top, but most have laminated body sides, some also have a laminated back.

Scale25"1/4642 mm

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  • harmonicatz - 2006-03-16
    I have this model and purchased a couple years ago on Ebay. It is without a doubt the nicest guitar I have ever played. It sounds better then my 63 Gibson j45. It is unbelievable. I would buy another one in a minute. I think the fact that is xbraced makes all the difference in the world. I would be interested to know what other models if any have the xbracing. Seems like they did not put enough braces in the other models which let the tops vibrate for that big sound and also bubble up making them unplayable after many years. That is my observation anyway.
  • Jeff - 2006-03-27
    I bought my H6560 while my old Sovereign 1265 was in the shop. Hate to admit that the H6560 sounds even better, and the neck is slimmer for even easier play. It needed the neck reset and the plastic nut and saddle replaced with bone. I've played a lot of Sovereigns, Martins, Guilds, Gibsons, Taylors, et al, and this one is right up there with the best. Like harmonikatz comment, I think the X-bracing does make a difference. Some 70's USA Harmony models like the H6583 and H6600 had it. And, I did buy another one, as I promised my first one to my daughter and she won't let me weasel out.
  • Tim - 2008-05-01
    I bought my Harmony H6560 back in 1975 at a store called Musicland (I think?) in Forum 303 Mall in Arlington, Texas. It was mainly a Record StoreIbut they sold a few guitars. I was 15 years old at it was my first "real" guitar. My guitar has the same stamp as the one in the above picture (8576H6560), so they must've been from the same batch.
    I've played guitar professionally now for 30 years and own some great guitars but this one will always have a special place in my heart.
  • greg - 2008-07-16
    i love this guitar. i have had it about 8 years.i use it at live shows,also on pro recordings. i put fishman soundhole pickup in it,and go through a peavey bandit amp which i use mainly for lap steel or a fender princeton.My nephew bought the one with the pickup under the last fret. Mine has much lighter colored wood on back and sides.We got them at Timeless Guitars in Parma,Ohio.I payed $200 i think his was $225. I have been playing for 40 years,a lot of different acoustics,this is my favorite.I also have a beautiful Harmony mandolin,Jimmy Page is playing one in the video Song remains the Same.
  • phil - 2008-08-24
    i have a h6560a it says : Harmony, est 1892, Sovereign at a angle then the black and gold emblem. This was bought for my father sometime in the 70's new for his birthday. He had a old 40's or so gibson that my brother still has. It has the lable inside with a hand lettered model number not stamped. Any help would be apreciated
  • François (webmaster) - 2008-09-02
    Phil, your H6560A guitar is a completely different model, made in Asia after 1975. The "est1892" was never used on USA made Harmonies... Cherck the specific "est 1892" section of this site about asian made guitars.
  • pablo escobar - 2010-01-31
    i just started 2 weeks ago using a friends guitar and picked a h6560 up helping my buddy move today just doing research on the guitar. good deal.
  • guitcarman - 2010-02-17
    I have the very last H6560 to come off the assemly line before Harmony closed down and was later made over seas. My dad had a little guitar shop at the time and ordered one and was told they had ceased production. However, the last one made had a flaw and was not to be sold. Needless to say, he was able to get it for me and I love it. This was back in the 70's. Oh yeah, the flaw... was just a finish flaw. An amazing guitar. "Color me Harmony!" And yes, it is the last one made.......
  • jeff - 2010-02-20
    Me again, I bought yet another H6560 on ebay recently which is an odd guitar for two reasons. First, the back of the headstock is stamped "No Factory Warranty". It is the black unbound H6560 headstock with "Harmony" in the newer script, with the same black truss rod cover and closed chrome tuners which are on my (daughter's)H6560 made in 1975. There is a capital "N" where the date stamp would be on older Sovereigns, and no evidence of a Harmony sticker. The number is 2667H6560 on the back and also under the top near the neck block.
    Even more odd is that this guitar is ladder braced, which I did not know before I received it. Yes, bellied up body along with the bowed neck. My X-braced Sovereigns show much less of this bellying.
    I may have really lucked out though, since I like the slimmer neck of the mid-70's Sovereigns(which was also on my Regal 235), but I also like the ladder-braced sound of the 1260 series and early H6560, before the last of the H6560's went to the X-bracing. My guitar may have been a prototype or even a mistake, hence the "No Factory Warranty" stamp. The other lucky thing is that I won it for 15.50, and even though the shipping was 50 bucks, not bad getting a Sovereign for well under 100 dollars!
    This guitar needs some work, but I have fixed up enough of these by now(eight and counting) to do the job well. Hope it's a cannon and not a dud, but with "No Factory Warranty" one doesn't know what to expect lol! More later...
  • John Stiles - 2010-04-20
    I purchase an H6560 on ebay thinking it would have X bracing but it has ladder bracing. The head is marked Soveriegn. It has the solid single piece mahogany back and solid sides. I repaired a gouge on the back and a drilled hole on the side. I repaired a break in the neck and replace the truss rod with a Martin style from StewMac. I left the solid spruce top alone - nice vintage look. I also replaced nut and saddle with bone and refinished the neck, back and sides. The head stock has a mahogangy veneer added to the back which extended down the neck to reinforce the repair.(You'd have to look hard to see the modification) This made the head a perfect thickness for a new set of Grover tunners. The end result a good looking guitar with a fantastic sound - a real cannon!
  • John T, England UK. - 2010-11-13
    I bought my model No: 8571H6560 secondhand at least 20 yrs ago,action is a bit high and neck slightly bowed, had some buzzing with earlier light gauge strings so left the poor thing in it's case under the bed for a few years, found your harmony web site just 2 day's ago and behold this very day fitted my lovely Harmony Sovereign with a new set of light gauge Martin bronze strings, she plays a dream and no buzzing. Thanks to your wonderful web site she's alive and playing again. Many thanks John T.
  • Guy - 2010-12-29
    I have a Harmony model #0092h6560 That also has No Warranty stamped on the tag. X braced. I've had it over 20 yrs . Bought it at a flea mrkt. for $30 with a broken head stock . Glued it back together and have been playing it ever since . It's my favorite guitar. My old friend . It's in need of a little help these days though another split is starting in the head stock. Guy
  • John T, England. UK - 2013-03-29
    I am not the owner of the H6560 Harmony Guitar model #0092h6560 having just recently sold it.Regards John T.
  • haiticult - 2013-10-18
    tim i just was given a H6560 and my serial is 8568H, so yeh damn close in the batch. i love mine, was kinda wondering what it's worth. the owner died and his daughter gave it to me. I have original store receipt from 1973 included in the case. almost perfect condition. i plan on keeping it and adding it to my studio. Thanks for all the great info on what seems a kinda scarce one.
  • John - 2013-12-20
    I have just been given a H6560,from a family friend. Its number 7139/H6560. I recieved it needing some tlc and had it referbished this week. It plays fantastic with some deep bass notes and clear tones. I am delighted to aquire it and have found this site of great interest when finding out some of its history..If any one can add more information on this model it would be of value. A "cool" guitar!
  • Guy - 2014-03-06
    I have a 1974 harmony H6560 with 0029 before the H6560 is This the serial Number. I recently re glued the head stock back together .for the 3rd time over 30 yrs. It still sounds incredible . I love this old boy.
  • Jerry Jacobson - 2014-12-28
    I have a Harmony H6561. Just found this web site. I don't know much about the guitar. Still in great shape and the sound is unreal. I've looked all over the database and can't find this #. I bought it in the mid 70's, but I don't know when it was mdae.
  • Paul - 2019-04-22
    Anybody know anything about the H6565N ? - it's a jumbo for sale, close to me. No mention of it on this site. It doesn't have the sovereign logo - just states 'Harmony' on headstock. Suspect it may be Korean (is that a bad thing ?).. No mention of USA on the label inside the sound hole.. Thks
  • dfg - 2020-05-15

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