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models H75 - 3 pickup
Electric hollowbody - Sunburst
Production year(s) : 1960-1972 (other years possible, not verified)

3 pickups

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706x1191 - (125 kb) H75_lefty_1965_02.jpg
854x1280 - (174 kb) H75_lefty_1965_03.jpg
1280x854 - (177 kb) H75_lefty_1965_04.jpg
545x1128 - (65 kb) H75_lefty_1965_05.jpg
1212x811 - (152 kb) H75_pots.jpg
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400x300 - (22 kb) H75_White_01.jpg
394x836 - (39 kb) H75_White_02.jpg
497x644 - (48 kb)

Scale24"1/4615 mm

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  • Rene van den Belt (from Holland) - 2005-12-14
    I have a 1967 Harmony H75 in excellent condition. It's a fantastic guitar, suited for blues, country, jazz and rock'n roll. It came with a non-original tremelo which I replaced with a Bigsby B7, so now the guitar should be called H76. It's of the easiest playing and best sounding guitars I've ever played. The DeArmond Gold Tone single coils are very responsive and lively. I believe that these deluxe Harmony thinlines (H74 - H78) rival far more expensive Gibson ES and Epiphone models with P90's and Gretsches.
  • Trevor Lewis - 2006-03-13
    Ive had a H75 from new (1963)and its still sweet and sounds great, over the years it's achieved a beautiful mellow tone idealfor blues and jazz, the only problem with it is that I've lost one of the volume control knobs and can't find anyone that can replace it, the spindle size is not standard it's about 2.5-3mm.
  • Simon Rowan - 2006-05-25
    These guitars are an absolute giveaway at anywhere between £400-£600 depending on condition. Someone wrote that he sold his gibson 335 because he preferred the Harmony 75. According to a friend of mine it is actually nearer a 330, but whoes counting if you've got a comparable guitar £19500 cheaper!!! I have only had mine for two years and considered selling it because I wasnt giving it the attention it deserves. Well its just had a professional refret and I cant think why I even considered selling. If you're in this area of guitar style get yourself a bargain while they are still around, they really dont make them like this anymore.
  • Steve - 2006-06-14
    I now am the proud owner of the H75 last two pictures on the top line at the right, and first on the left second from the top. Imported it from the good ol' USA - I dont know how many Harmonys there are in the land of Oz (Australia) but this one is a gem. Sounds amazing, particularly through a Traynor 15w valve amp (Celestion Greenback).
  • lmgash - 2006-06-25
    great website. i have an h75 (1961). i love it. it was my dads and i would give up my les paul, strat, or prs before i ever gave up this thing (not that i plan on giving any up). the sound is great. i play through various fenders / ampegs / marshalls, and assorted other old tube goodies. my neck pick does not seem to work. i hear a faint sound but overall nothing. any suggestions? i would love to have play this at its full potential (i still use it often even with just the other two pickups working).
  • Jackal - 2006-08-15
    I have a H75 which I've owned since since 1972. Prior to me it was owned by a recording engineer and George Harrison used on a recording whilst with the Beatles. It also appeared on TOTP's (which I saw) when his band had a single in the charts. It's a bit knocked about now having been used for a band, but mostly due to water damage from a flood. But it's still a great guitar which I would never sell. I also have a Les Paul, Strat and PRS. There is something about those single coil pickups that's very sweet.
  • Geoff White - 2006-11-14
    I bought my Harmony H75 from Jim Beckett in Gibbs Road, Southampton in 1967 when I was 17 for £78.It's still in almost perfect condition as I hardly ever play it these days. The only problem with it is the volume and tone knobs crackle when amplified. When I used to play it in the 60's the tone was fantastic and it still is apart from the crackle. The serial No is 1572.
  • jazzsmith - 2006-12-08
    I was just lucky enough to buy a Fall '62 H75 from an old music store in Brooklyn. It is New Old Stock and was dealer fitted in '62 with a Bigsby and Gretsch Space Control bridge. It is an amazing guitar! I actually like it better than my '63 Gibson ES330. And its WAY better than any Gretsch I've ever played. Its the best $800 I've ever spent! Who says there are no bargains in vintage guitars anymore?
  • François - webmaster - 2007-02-01
    About the white one, after close inspection the owner swears it's original, but I still have a doubt...
  • colin holbrook united kingdom - 2007-02-12
    i have had my h75 harmony guitar for about 30 years it is so versitile and i would not part whith it for less than £800 british pounds it is a fantastic guitar in my apinion it is better than the gibson 335 but thats me as it is my little baby happy playing colin.
  • Mike H - 2007-02-18
    I bought one of these about 17 years ago in Southampton for about £150. It had been well used when I bought it and has been well used and gigged since so it got in a rather sorry state of repair and I put it into semi-retirement. However got it out again the other day and realised I'd forgotten how great it sounds. Mine has a bigsby but is labelled as an H75 (number 853 so I guess is quite an early model). I've replaced the bridge (with some difficulty due to the very narrow string spacing). Neck needs some attention as nut is loose and fretboard worn but I still wouldn't part with it. It sounds way better than my Gibson ES135. If anyone has some recommended UK sites for repairers/restorers etc it would be useful to know.
  • John Magnifico (Leesburg, Fl. USA) - 2007-02-23
    Very interesting website. I special ordered a H75 in 1965 from Harmony through a local dept. store called "Lechmere Sales", in Dedham Mass. I ordered the Sun Burst color. Harmony took 3 months to build the guitar and sent the Cherry Red by mistake. When I opened the case in the store and saw the Red I was not happy. The more I looked at it the more I fell in love. No more needs to be said. The price was $225.00 CASE INCLUDED. (no tremelo). I played it for many years through a Fender Princeton Reverb Amp. (that, I still have) that I purchased at the same time somewhere else. Great Amp.
    (just became single again.),I have tears in my eyes every time I see one in e-bay because about 9 years ago I traided the Harmony for a reworked Gibson ES125 fat body that was reworked buy a internationaly renound Luthier. He added a Charley Christian pickup and a cutaway and lots more. I won't tell how much I payed for that Gibson including the H75. I have miss that Harmony every time I play. Very big mistake. I also have an Ibanez AG85 that is now my favorite in hand guitar. It is a nice player but nothing can get the variation in sound that Harmony could.
  • B.Kendall - 2007-04-20
    Absolutely a great guitar. Got one in about '60-'61 new as upgrade from H38 Hollywood. Also got the big Silvertone Amp as an upgrade to a smaller Rickenbacker.
    Very addictive axe ... took top priority. The neck was very nice with a place where it would flex a bit like in "Summertime Blues".
    Very good solo ... fingering was best ever; especially after the work-out from the old Hollywood. Relatively heavy piece in comparison to others of the day except for the old solid Carvins.
    Workmanship was exceptional ... gave it to oldest son who traded it for an accoustic about 1982. I saw one in Henderson,KY 4-5 years ago at a music shop there during W.C. Handy Blues Fest. Priced quite expensively but still felt the same and very tempting. Probably was a "lifetime" quality guitar that I did not appreciate at the time.
  • Jeff Stoddard - 2007-06-23
    I have a 1961 Harmony H75 and it's without a doubt on of the best playing and sounding guitars in my collection. It has more versatility and better tone than guitars that are triple the cost. There simply isn't a better value out there. I can't recommend getting one of the H- model Harmony guitars highly enough.
  • Grady - 2007-07-06
    I played one of these about 1972-74 in the Birmingham area (UK) in a blues trio called 'Fatty'. I was longing for a strat back then so I sold it on to get one. I have good memories of it. Fine neck, good for fast blues phrasing. Good 'nasal' sound from the p/u's. I was playing it through an AC30, and in small places, when we played loud, there were feedback problems which I finally got over by stuffing the body cavity with cotton wool. I still use the 335-style guitar (though now I do use a strat & a tele as my main axes). I've been by the Epiphone 'Sheraton', and currently own an old Epiphone 'Dot' 335 ("elitist"). I'd like to get hold of an old H75 again. I reckon it had a 'gretsch-y' tone.
  • Brian - 2007-07-07
    I own a 1967 Barclay F-67, which is a very rare and very similar guitar to this model. The serial numbers read 9864h74-3. Which according to my research meant it was the third model to be produced on July 3, 1967. There is not much about this company except that they used the Harmony factory in Chicago to produce their instruments for a short period of time. I also owned a Barclay "Bobkat" version, which is very similar as well. The guitars play like butter, better than any Fender or higher end guitar I've ever owned.
  • Alex - 2007-08-03
    I have this Model of harmony from 1967 . That's a very good guitar for all the music styles ! It's in perfect condition!
    I play with a 30W tubes amps it's Just Magic !!
  • terry - 2007-11-04
    i have a h75 model.my father passed away sadly last year and he always said he would leave me his guitar.i now have his beloved harmony that i will treasure like he did.it is a wonderful sounding guitar and i have never seen another here in ireland.great to see the other models here on the net.it is a quality guitar that is as good if not better than alot of the pricey models you will get out there.
  • Loyd Hutchison - 2007-11-19
    I have a Harmondy H75 I bought second hand from a local music store in 1971 for $125.00. It is a great guitar. I played it though a Fender Twin reverb for many years, and currently just play it through a 15W crate amp just for fun.
    Great guitar to play wonderful action. It's missing a couple of the knobs, and so if anyone knows where I can get some that would be helpful.
  • Harvey Perdue - 2007-11-26
    I have a 1965 H74, that is Beautiful. It plays Great, looks new. It has two Gibson P90's, the Bridge pickup is about 1 inch thick. All Gibson Les Paul Wiring Harness. Gibson Pop out crank tuning keys. Gibson Bridge, it even has a Les Paul Pickguard and Bell on the neck rod adjustment.
    It is orginal sunburst finish, with orginal Bigby. This Guitar reminds me of a 1960's Gretch Viking.
    Oh, all the Gibson parts came from The Kalamazoo Auction, when Gibson closed. All these goodies were for a Les Paul Custom, with a dated neck 1957. It was an experimental Les Paul, that was never put together. I got a nice price in 1991 for the Guitar body and Neck, and put all the parts in My 1965 Harmony. One Killer Guitar. Plays circle around The Heritage double cut away. I know I have 2 For Sale. Love My Old Harmony H74, the finish is perfect, also have the orginal case.
  • Bob Carter - 2008-01-23
    I have a 4780H75 Harmony made in 1960 and I have owned it since 1961 it is in excellant condition and I also have the hard case and the original shoulder strap that came with it in 1961 the only thing I need is the screws and bracket to put the pick guard back on. I love the sound it has it is a great guitar.
  • Stuart Lord - 2008-03-18
    I also have a H75 with a bigsby tremolo bought it second hand about 35yrs ago. Chrome needs retouching on the chrome of the pick-ups but o.k.
  • Derek Leary - 2008-04-17
    I ordered my H75 on the strength of a picture in a catalouge I saw mid 60s.I had already played a soveriegn and was impressed. It took about 2 months to arrive from the states.Someone said your guitar has arrived and theres a crowd around it in the shop.It proved to be every bit a good as I hoped.My wife bought one as well and we also gained a spare.
    They have done us proudly during our 45 year career in the biz. A great guitar with so many subtle shades and tones. Brilliant ! Derek and Christie Leary
  • Rob Millis (Surrey UK) - 2008-06-28
    Thanks to all who have made comments here. I thought I'd left it too late to ever pick up a genuine vintage American guitar for the collection (which is comprised of the usual mid-price Japanese Teles, Korean Epis and Tokais..etc) and had ignored Harmony for years, having them down as Framus/Hofner type fodder: pretty to look at but probably not that playable in a modern gig situation. Anyway, it was the amount of comments on this page that highlighted the fact that many people who bought a Harmony actually kept it and many still gig them; I have thus purchased an H75 on eBay this week and can't wait for it to arrive!!!!
  • Rob Millis (UK) - 2008-07-01
    ..and further to the above, it arrived today. What a guitar! Even better than expectations. Lovely playable action; was dubious about how the pretty uniform neck width would affect playing up the top, but half an hour into playing it all seems fine. Great tone from the DeArmonds and the selection of sounds are second to none. It's like a Strat and a 335 all rolled into one - so versatile that I might have to buy another!!
  • dave cartwright,UK - 2008-07-21
    Bought my H75 from Elderley Instruments. Took 36 hours from Chicago to Worcester!! Now that's flying!
    I bought it to replace the 1963 model I p/exchanged for a Harmony 12 string acoustic in '65. This one is a 1963 model and bears the same serial number (3633) as the old Harmony factory address in Recin Street, Chicago. Now that's cool!
    Anyway, a truly fantastic guitar! Just as I remeber it all those years ago.Pride of place.
  • David Knowles - 2008-07-30
    Bought my H75 second hand in Manchester in 1975, paid £30 for it and still plays like a dream!
  • terrybull - 2008-11-18
  • warren targett - 2008-12-16
    I am restoring my H75 (bought new 1963). It is in need of a lot of tlc and respect after being used onstage 6 nights a week for the first 12 years of its life. The original case still is in fair condition. This was the only instrument that I could get do a switcheroo to lefthanded at the time and in the price range. I was surprised at the gem I had bought. I still think the controls gave me more versatility once I was used to driving them. I used Australian made Moody valve amps (15 then 40 then 100 watt) until 1969.The sound that that combination gave me was ideal for the cabaret work I was doing at the time. In 1970 I used it in my Fender amp. The H75 had to share the amp with my leftie custom Tele (bought 1963 and still have). The Moody 100 went to God in a car accident and the H75 suffered some damage which was badly repaired by a Sydney luthier. It was never the same again. Everything still works fine electrically. The neck needs attention. Now that I'm older and wiser and not scared to restore it myself (I do repairs daily) I'm making it my 2009 project. My next entry here will be that the instrument is once again back to fighting fitness. Wish me luck!
  • Howard (Ex Spartans-a long time ago) - 2009-02-21
    I still have my Harmony H75 serial No 1445 which I bought New in Soho back in the 60's. Advertised as "The only 3 pick up American Guitar under £100-00." It cost me £99-19-6d ex strap or case. I still play it from time to time. I wanted a second hand Gretch at the time, but could not find one, so bought the Harmony instead. Never had a problem, although I replaced the Nut with a Brass one, to add more "twang" & added a Bigsby myself, to play Duane Eddy & Chet Atkins stuff.
    Look up "TheSpartans" at www.walthamstowmemories.co.uk if you want to see it when it was new'ish
    Still sounds great through my original 1960 Selmer Selectortone 25 Watt amp, especially now I have added a tweeter to lift the treble on the 15" speaker.
    If you see one for sale, try it & you will buy it. Sounds wonderful through a Fender Twin Reverb, but I will have to win the pools to afford one.
  • Tony Lentle - 2009-07-15
    I have a H75 SN 2844 wich i purchased in 1964 for £30.00pds it has been a great guitar and played in bands for 35yrs.Still have it and as a Old Mature Guitar Player at 71 yrs still plug in and play.
  • Archtop37 - 2009-08-20
    I picked up a 1962 H75 that was 100% orignal with a matching H304A amp in the orignal shipping box that was sent to Fort Ord, Calif.
    You could have put a new born baby inside the back it was so clean. Both sat unused for about
    35 years before I bought it from a little old lady. All I had to do was have a new Tung-Sol
    6BF6 tube and a 600 V.D.C. Mylar replaced and it
    came back alive! It also came with the origanal white and gray topped case!
    The greatest find, soundwise, I've ever come across.
  • Warren Targett - 2009-10-24
    Last December, I wrote here that my 1960 Harmony H75 that was damaged in a car accident in 1971 and put away since then was my restoration project for 2009. Well, the "Grand Old Man" is back in town! Now fitted with a great replacement 1966 neck (bought on eBay), and some other new parts, the guitar plays like it was when it was new. I've fitted a new Bigsby B3 tremolo unit (which it never had), some new Grover machine heads and a brass bridge top. Being a leftie player on a rightie guitar, I've added a matching handed set of two pickguards which gives a unique look to the instrument. And the sound ... superb ... the electrics are still all original 1960. This is a great guitar for singing to. Every tone I want is right there on the guitar. I didn't realise just what a great instrument I had in my hands in 1960. It has now become my guitar of choice all over again. If you don't own an H75, then look around for a good one and buy it. You won't be disappointed, I promise you!
  • Ade 'Tonedog' Miller UK - 2010-03-05
    Someone gave me (yes for no money!) a fairly trashed H75 about a year and a half ago, massive crack in the body and various other abuses - I nearly sold it on Ebay but my wife did some resoldering (she's good like that!) and I had the body pro-repaired and now it plays great and sounds great. I'm taking it to my rehearsal next week with my blues combo to try it for real. It's a blonde maple finish - this finish doesn't seem to be listed on the site, sorry if I missed it somewhere. Inside the f-hole it's stamped 3542H75 next to the Harmony, Chicago gold sticker + the three Dearmonds are date stamped 1964. I have added this to my small Harmony collection that includes aN H44, H88, H47 and an H49. I will get the ellusive H62 oneday hopefully. Happy Harmonys to you all
  • Buzz May - 2010-05-06
    My Uncle left this Guitar to me ,it is a H-75 model and bears the serial number (525),
    it was made at the old Harmony factory in Chicago Ill.
    It is like the Picture 2nd down from upper left
  • Jon Metts Vancouver Washington - 2010-08-22
    Awsome guitar. great sound crazy sustain and wiked feedback. This is one of my favorite guitars. Am having some trouble with bridge pickup and selector cover dried out cracked in two but would never let this guitar go. Found mine at a musical pawn shop for 450.00 It is worth alot more than that because of playability and sound.Peace
  • willie boy - 2010-11-22
    I have a 1963 model h75 serial no.1861 which I purchased for £50 in 1968.I have just started playing it again after quite a long time.I had forgotten what a cracking guitar it is.
  • Bluezboyjo - 2011-02-24
    My father-inlaw left me a model H75, 1960-62 model. Great ol guitar. Has lots of miles but still performs very well!!
  • bilrux - 2011-05-01
    I have a 1960 H75 with the original 2-tone case. I bought it, used two years ago, and it had been amateurishly set up as to be mostly unplayable. With a little trial and error and patience, I got it workable. The range of sounds this guitar can produce with different combinations of the three pickups with individual tone/volume controls is awesome. I've used it in a small combo playing bass lines using only the neck pickup with the tone rolled down, and it worked. Harmony used this same body design for most of their thinline archtops, including basses.
  • Chops Hannigan - 2011-06-01
    I just snagged one on eBay last night for $265. Sadly a previous owner replaced the pickups with no-name humbuckers which I'll replace with Duncan Antiquity PAF's, it has non-original red bakelite knobs, hideous strip tuners and somebody stripped it down to the curley maple. No worries I'll sunburst nitro the front, I hate finish on the neck anyway, I already bought imperial grovers for it and it looks to be an early model cause it has the killer tortoiseshell headstock. It's a real peach otherwise, I haven't got it yet but if it's half the guitar my buddy's Harmony/Silvertone 1446 was I'll be happy...
  • Robert - 2011-06-16
    I have a 1960 4780H75 I've owned since it was new I have the oringinal case and strap that came with it and it is in excellant condition with all the parts that came with it and it plays fantastic. Roy Clark played it one night at a club in Vallejo Calif call Cornodo Inn,in 1962. He was fired that night and was told he would never make in the music industry,where they ever wrong.
  • Phil Fridge - 2011-10-01
    Bought my H75 off e bay. Used cash from the sale of a Gretsch 6120....the Harmony cost half the money and is twice the guitar! Confusing with the serial numbers though..the body is stamped inside saying 279H75, whereas the sticker alongside has H75 serial number 1449. Anyone encountered the same confusion?
  • Stacking 3rds - 2011-10-25
    This past summer(2011) my older cousin gave me his 1962 H-75. He was the original owner. The guitar has not been used in years and is in fantastic shape. Although I have distant memories of playing the guitar as a small kid, I had no idea that the guitar still existed much less what type of axe it was. Needless to say, researching the H-75 led me to this website. The guitar has a very cool vibe and a great hollow body sound.
  • Ray Young - 2012-04-20
    Bought mine in 62 for £102. Played it for 5 years in a dance band playing 40/50 music then jazz in a quintet. Still have it, still play it often. Still gives a great sound. Lovely looking guitar from the 60`s. Played others but I go back to the H75 which has a smooth fret board.
  • Ray Young - 2012-04-26
    Bought mine 1962, barrow-in-furness england for £102. Great guitar played it in a dans band playing 40/50 music. Later in a 5/ jazz band. Still play it a few times a month. Still gives a great sound with my Marshall 800.
  • shaun North Wales - 2012-07-18
    I first bought an H-75 in 1979 when I was 17 years old. I was seriously into 50's rockabilly at the time and fell in love with the guitar as soon as I saw it. I believe it was a 1959 model. I played the guitar in the first band I was in doing old Sun and Chess covers aswell as some original 'self-penned' stuff. Being in-exerienced I didn't know what to do when the neck became warped so I sold it and bought a telecaster. I have just received my 'new' H-75, a 1964 one, and am amazed at how good these things are! I have played everything you can think of in the intervening years, Gibsons, fenders, Ibanez Yamahas, etc and this thing beats the lot. It's a nostalgia trip but it really is a beautiful instrument and a bit of unbeatable craftsmanship. Easily as good as any 335 or Gretch, in my opinion better!
  • Andrew Bazeley - 2012-12-29
    I have what is probably a very early sixties H75 - much refinished and nearly ruined! Furtunately it still plays good. I know questions aren't allowed, but mine has a paper label inside with the serial number 2656. I suspect the usual branded stamp with a date is underneath this label, and I can't get it off without tearing it. I just wonder if this was common, and if there definitely is likely to be a date stamp under the label.
  • David from Down Under (South Australia) - 2013-01-27
    Great site! These US made guitars are really cool. Don't' see too many down under. I can proudly say I'm the owner of a near mint 60's honey-burst H75. Came all the way from the US of A. She looks the part and definitely sounds it! Strung with 11's she is acoustically loud, amped up she commands attention. When playing live I'm always getting positive comments from onlookers. I couldn't sell her, we've bonded. Bonus; she came with her plush blue OHSC also in great cond. I'm a happy man!
  • Fogrider - 2013-02-19
    I recently purchased a 1965 H75 in excellent condition in the original case. What can I say that hasn't already been said. It's a classic.
    However, mine has a different tailpiece than I've ever seen on these guitars. It has the curved shape, but has only two bars connecting it to the bracket, and it's shorter than the ones pictured here. It's definitely original. I'm guessing that there may have been minor cosmetic variations of this model over the years.
  • John Scott - 2013-04-26
    I got my hands on an H75 a year or so ago from a guy who said it had been in an attic for 40 years. It certainly looks in superb condition.
    He reckons he was asked to look after it for a guy who played in a band called the 'Davy Quigly 5' who later had a heart attack and died, leaving no relatives. He said that the guy had been playing in the Star club in Hamburg in the early sixes and had got it from John Lennon as he did did not like it. He said Johns words were 'So I can go and get loaded'
    The case does indeed have very old sixties Star Club Hamburg stickers on it. I also have the amp that he got at the time, which is also a Harmony.
    I don't have any way to authenticate any of this though, which is a real shame.
  • Les Reslo, Halifax UK - 2014-05-21
    I bought an H75 in 1964 for about £85, second-hand. I used it for 3 years doing well over 300 gigs. A lovely guitar to look at and a classic sound but mine had a few problems with the narrow bolt-on neck. Mine was warped and impossible to adjust to a good action. Finally I made a new bridge with individual string height adjusters which helped a bit. I also thought the controls were awkward on stage and it needed some kind of master volume control. I finally traded it in 1967 for a 1963 Gibson SG Standard (which I still have). I wonder who owns my H75 now?
  • Les Reslo, Halifax UK - 2014-06-26
    I found a record of my H.75's serial No. it was 1432 which may make it the earliest mentioned on your site, so far. Good luck to it's present owner.
  • Lucas Haydock - 2014-07-27
    I have a 1962 H-75 hollow body harmony guitar that belonged to graham nash! it is great but it needs restoring.
  • Ray Pruett Chicago, IL (home of Harmony guitars) - 2015-03-17
    I have a 1967 model that sounds just amazing through my National twin reverb amp. I bought them as a set for $100 back in the 80s.
  • DC Mony - 2015-06-26
    My parents had bought me an H-75 (with hard shell case) back in 1964. A few months later, I had a Bigsby put on the Guitar. From 1964 to 1969 I played gigs 6-8 times a month with this guitar. Unfortunately, I was playing the Ratskeller in Kenmore Square, when a fire broke out during a break. When the smoke cleared, all the instruments were gone. I never saw my Harmony again. I still miss my baby, but I know karma has probably paid the person(s) back!!!
  • Tony lentle - 2015-09-07
    I had my H75 for 30years great guitar need spare head gear where can I buy spares any one know
  • Phil Coggan - 2015-11-18
    I bought a (Harmony) Fender Regal new in 1965.
    It has the Fender "F" on the scratch plate, "Fender" on the truss rod cover and Fender Regal on the headstock. It doesn't bare the Harmony name anywhere. I am told that it was made under licence from Fender.
    It's the only one I have ever seen, I have pictures.
    It would probably be worth something today if I had kept it!
  • Chris Hughes - 2016-04-26
    I bought my H75 when I was still at school, it is 1961 model and it was 90 guineas, but I got it for £90, from a shop near the station in Newcastle ran by two ladies who were like something from Arsenic and Old Lace. I have not gigged with her since 1999, but she went through a Marshall yesterday, a few bits of carbon, soon removed and it sounds fantastic, and still has the original case. I love her, and even though I own two Gretcsh guitars she will always be my first love.
  • Dino Carlucci - 2019-05-17
    I bought the H75 in Frank Hessys music store in Liverpool UK in 1963 the 1961 model.It cost me £80 British pounds.through the F hole i could see a gold label saying Harmony Guitar Company Illinois Chicago as best I remember. My friend was in a group at the time the same time as the Beatles played around the Cavern in Liverpool and other Liverpool districts. The promoter at the time always put my friends group on supporting the Beatles on all the clubs so my Harmony would be getting played on stage before the Beatles came on. I had the H75 for 40 years then let it go to an up and coming player. The neck was bolted on to the body by 4 brass bolts and a truss rod inside the neck.i heard Gibson bought Harmony out but never heard it was true. The case it was in was given to me by a guy and the case was an old one of George Harrisons.absolutely true. It was no big deal at the time it was before the Beatles took off and were stll playing on the Liverpool scene. Just thought i would let you know
  • Andy Prendergast - 2019-06-22
    I have just acquired a Harmony H75. Neck pickup not working. Nut split- it looked like ivory. Serial number 2196
  • David from downunder - 2020-02-29
    Broke out the H75 for a jam yesterday. It's been resting for a while. Ran it through a Cornell 18/20 plexi head on top of a vintage Rola alnico speaker cab. Sure, heads turned coz it's a pretty looking unit but then it was time to play her. Wow, I cannot say enough about how good the tones are, the clarity, the spank and the grind all on tap when needed. Amazing Harmony model range!

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