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models H77 - 3 pickup
Electric hollowbody - Redburst
Production year(s) : 1963-1972 (other years possible, not verified)

3 pickups - red version of the H75. H78 is the same with a Bigsby vibrato. Some late models have white plastic inserts in f-holes, white knobs, and a Hagstrom bridge.

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348x862 - (35 kb) H77_02.jpg
378x863 - (29 kb) H77_03.jpg
200x480 - (17 kb) H77_04.jpg
448x465 - (42 kb) H77_05.jpg
353x476 - (34 kb) H77_06.jpg
179x249 - (9 kb) H77_07.jpg
395x1024 - (90 kb) H77_08.jpg
429x1024 - (75 kb) H77_09.jpg
648x827 - (115 kb) H77_10.jpg
648x864 - (78 kb) H77_11.jpg
648x864 - (56 kb) H77_12.jpg
648x864 - (119 kb) H77_13.jpg
597x1024 - (102 kb) H77_14.jpg
648x889 - (68 kb) H77_15.jpg
482x1024 - (81 kb) H77_16.jpg
648x934 - (143 kb) H77_17.jpg
294x600 - (36 kb) H77_18.jpg
587x600 - (80 kb) H77_19.jpg
434x600 - (53 kb) H77_20.jpg
520x600 - (48 kb) H77_21.jpg
477x600 - (41 kb) H77_22.jpg
671x430 - (38 kb) H77_23.jpg
800x538 - (72 kb) H77_24.jpg
600x800 - (85 kb) H77_25.jpg
786x555 - (54 kb) H77_wiring_harness_01.jpg
539x331 - (19 kb) H77_wiring_harness_02.jpg
640x480 - (31 kb) H77_wiring_harness_03.jpg
523x418 - (28 kb) H77_wiring_harness_04.jpg
554x394 - (31 kb) H77_wiring_harness_05.jpg
429x285 - (16 kb)

Body woodLaminated maple

Scale24"1/4615 mm

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  • stevethetruck - 2006-10-02
    I just got one of these and it is awesome. Really fun to play and the pickups sound great. The short scale allows you to string it with 12's and still an easy bending guitar.
  • Neil from UK - 2006-12-09
    I had one of these in the 60s till selling it in 1998, it was a nice looking Guitar with 3 pickups and independant switches. I found the neck slightly chuncky compaired to Gibsons. The pickups were not very good, prone to feedback on live playing. I fitted switches to change the phase on each PU which gave a Strat type sound but nothing like as bright. A collectors item maybebut, that is all I am afraid.
  • J. Cooper - 2007-03-21
    Bought my H77 in 1965, and played it semi pro until 1967. Over the years it fell into a decrepit state, and as a surprise for my 60th Birthday, my sons had it sympathetically restored to a very playable standard.
    It is a beautiful instrument.
    Anyone interested in the name and email address of the restorer, I will be glad to supply.
    My Email joleencooper@hotmail.co.uk
  • Robin Owens - 2008-07-15
    First Harmony was a Meteo I traded it for my H77 in 1967, it hangs right by my side now. The guitar is full of 'craftsmanship' and is a joy to play. It never gives me an aching shoulder as it is so light, I use nines and always end up using the 3rd base pick up ,the sound from it is unique when I played it in the sixties it had such a thumping base sound, the switches when engaged from pick up to pick up, gave a massive boost it was a real thrill to play.I will never sell it.
  • A.Theriault - 2008-11-23
    I fround this guitar in a third hand music shop and fell in love, I had no clue what year it was from but I knew it was old and I had to have it, I paid $3oo dollars for this classic and will never part with it, Awesome guitar!
  • Keegan - 2009-05-15
    my grandma found one of these in her basement and gave it to me, i love it so much its the greatest thing ever, perfect for blues and rock so its my style!
  • D. Bertrand VA. - 2009-05-27
    I own a 1967 H77 and its in ex. cond. I bought it from a dealer in upstate N.Y. who was going out of business back in 1977. I paid $350.00 for it with the case. I've been playing it ever since! The tone is what grabs you. Great range. Yes the neck is a bit thick, but that justs adds to the fun. I'm going to be buried with this guitar!
  • D. Taylor - 2009-09-16
    I had an H-77 Harmony from 1970 until 2002. I traded it off after 32 years and it's like losing a child. I should have kept it. The tone of this guitar is a sound of it's own. The one thing I see different with mine... it had curly maple on the back. I did get more in the trade, than I could have ever sold it for.
  • stevethetruck - 2009-11-09
    I'm STILL playing mine. It is in perfect shape. I put 13 guage strings on it becasuse the scale is so short. They give it GREAT TONE and it's very playable/bendable even with the heavier strings. It has so many great sound options with all those pickups. I love using it in the studio or on stage.
  • English Eddy - 2009-11-27
    What a fab site!!! I have owned a Meteor and currently own a Sovreign and an H77 both of which my son who`s mouth has been watering for them since he could walk may pry from my cold lifeless hands.
  • Johnny Guitar Hodge - 2010-08-28
    I've had my H77 since 1991 serial no; 6222 manufactured ;1963 . It no longer has its original ;machine heads,scratchplate, jack input or vol/ tone knobs but the pick ups are great ,the action is fine. Its my guitar, the best , I love it.
  • James A - 2011-07-25
    I started on a Harmony F hole in 1965..I gave it to my cousin..I wish I still had it...It was a poor mans Gibson.
  • Schloss - 2011-08-18
    I bought my H77 @ a garage sale in 1975 maybe. $35.00 was the total I paid to Rick Carter's parents for guitar w/ a FEnder Vibrochamp amp w a 10" speaker. Also include was a coil patch cord, and two tone original case fell napart. I threw it out. in wish I hadn't.
    Guitar will not stay in tune. I have it strung w 5 @ an open g ala Kieth RIchard. There was a time when I consisted throwing it out!
  • John C - 2012-05-17
    I bought my Harmony H77, no Bigsby from a music store in Birmingham UK probably in 1964. It cost me £106, or actually cost my Dad! It's still with me though I bought it on appearance and really can't play a full scale guitar, small hands. It's called a short scale but still over 24", what I call a short scale is Rickenbacker 320 or 325 at under 21". Pity nobody else makes a true short scale as the Rick trades off John Lennons name to an obscene degree. I had a Rose Morris 325 in 1966 but sold it in Spain when broke.
    My nephew used the Harmony for a while and it backed Carl Perkins on tour when my Nephew was still in 6th form, but for most of its years it's been stored. Never quite been able to part with it but the current value has me interested in a sale.
  • Andy C - 2012-07-19
    Mine's a 1963 H77. September 63. In fact, 27 September 63.
    Unusually, on the H77 the date is date stamped on the back of the pickups (not sure about the rest of the guitar). Recently played it through a Cornford Harlequin and the sound is fantastic. Beautifully made too. And I love being able to switch pickups individually. A great guitar.
  • Steve H - 2013-02-22
    I have a 1960's H-77 Harmony...I bought it in 1988.. A sweet sounding guitar, very forgiving.. A couple of scratches, but overall... In Great condition.. Pickups still going strong.. I Really Love it..
  • Chuck - 2014-10-12
    don't throw away your H77....part it out at least. Lots of folks trying to restore theirs
  • Kelly - 2017-03-31
    So, I just purchased a pristine example of the H77 Harmony, a 1969, oh yeah! And paid up for it too, still it was relatively inexpensive. I have always been a bit of a Gretsch man and have owned several examples currently and in the past. No high end Falcon, and for that matter, Gibson holds a candle to this guitar. Why, it is light as a marshmallow, yet has the depth of a bass guitar, it is cheaply made relative to the big guys, so it Dips down into the best of the 70s import distortion when desired without drowning in it or getting stuck there, the craftsmanship is awesome on par with much more expensive makes so when pressed it has no problem competing with them. Lightning in a guitar case. I would never willingly sell my H77
  • Graham - 2018-10-09
    I inherited my Dads 1963 H77 red sunburst, one time member of Liverpool based "The Ferrymen". It was strung left handed and a local shop made a valiant attempt to re-string it to the right, but it was only after taking it to Luthier and a professional set up that I discovered just how lovely guitar this. Dressed frets, a bone bridge, new saddle and nut and some tlc for the electrics had it in a very playable condition with gorgeously low action.
    It has a wonderful rich tone that I havent been able to get out of any other guitar - (although this is the only hollow body I own). Playing around with the 3 switched pickups allows all sorts of variation in sound with the 1st bass pick up the deepest and honeyed of the lot. I have short fingers and find I can play stuff on this 24 1/4 inch neck that I just cant reach on my Les Paul. In fact at the moment its the guitar I go for first over my newer models just for the dynamic range and soundscape it provides without spending hours messing about with the controls. That thin neck is a matter of personal preference, but again, it suits my hands far better than the chunkier Les Paul style.
    There is a particular pleasure in playing an instrument that has been gigged, recorded and loved by may Dad for all those years, so it will never be for sale!
  • Trevor - 2018-11-13
    I need to adjust the truss rod on my H77. What is the size of the nut? I have nothing that fits.
  • Slight Lee - 2019-03-28
    I just picked up a 1963 H77 in pretty good shape.
    The truss rod wrench size is a 1/4 by the way.
    Love to play this guitar!
  • Rob Broadley - 2020-02-13
    I have a Harmony-77, serial number 2742. It belonged to my late father in-law who played it in his early 60s band. I don't know the year of manufacture, but everything on it is original and in very good condition. It still sounds great, even with quite old strings and still in tune. A lovely guitar! What's it worth now? I don't care, cos I'm not selling!

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