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models H927 - Stella
Acoustic flatop - Natural top
Production year(s) : 1963-1970 (other years possible, not verified)

Floating bridge and metal tailpiece.

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258x574 - (14 kb) H927_1970_02.jpg
264x584 - (12 kb) H927_1970_03.jpg
312x579 - (23 kb) H927_1970_04.jpg
410x580 - (19 kb) H927_Stella_01.jpg
1024x754 - (118 kb) H927_Stella_02.jpg
407x765 - (47 kb) H927_Stella_03.jpg
333x529 - (43 kb) H927_Stella_04.jpg
356x800 - (43 kb) H927_Stella_05.jpg
298x515 - (30 kb) H927_Stella_06.jpg
275x800 - (31 kb) H927_Stella_07.jpg
414x800 - (98 kb) H927_Stella_08.jpg
600x800 - (74 kb) H927_Stella_09.jpg
720x533 - (56 kb) H927_Stella_10.jpg
459x600 - (54 kb) H927_Stella_11.jpg
597x688 - (45 kb) H927_Stella_12.jpg
800x2196 - (116 kb) H927_Stella_13.jpg
800x2196 - (94 kb) H927_Stella_14.jpg
800x633 - (58 kb) H927_Stella_15.jpg
800x598 - (47 kb) H927_Stella_16.jpg
800x588 - (34 kb) H927_Stella_17.jpg
800x981 - (65 kb) H927_Stella_18.jpg
800x665 - (41 kb) H927_Stella_19.jpg
800x291 - (32 kb) H927_Stella_1967_01.jpg
393x883 - (36 kb) H927_Stella_1967_02.jpg
406x939 - (32 kb) H927_Stella_1967_03.jpg
966x738 - (73 kb) H927_Stella_1967_04.jpg
623x993 - (72 kb) H927_Stella_1967_05.jpg
981x711 - (74 kb) H927_Stella_1967_06.jpg
225x606 - (44 kb) H927_Stella_1967_07.jpg
480x640 - (54 kb) H927_Stella_1967_08.jpg
407x584 - (41 kb) H927_Stella_1967_09.jpg
413x579 - (42 kb) H927_Stella_1968_01.jpg
546x797 - (63 kb) H927_Stella_1968_02.jpg
770x532 - (40 kb) H927_Stella_1968_03.jpg
800x600 - (44 kb) H927_Stella_1968_04.jpg
506x800 - (62 kb) H927_Stella_1968_05.jpg
777x576 - (49 kb) H927_Stella_1969_01.jpg
194x348 - (12 kb) H927_Stella_1969_02.jpg
298x385 - (21 kb) H927_Stella_1969_03.jpg
158x288 - (8 kb)

Top woodBirch
Body woodBirch
All solid woods

Scale24"1/4615 mm

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33 comments | Add your comment !

  • clark,&charlie marshall - 2008-01-21
    we are look at my son's h927 stella and notice that it has date of 6-70m that should be 1970 we will try to send picture vin is 154h927
  • stella h927 owner - 2008-03-29
    i also own one of these guitars & it has an f-65 stamped inside below the model/serial #.i'm told the f-65 is a manufacture date of (fall of 1965).so chances are that would be the manufacture date on your instrument too!keep in mind that the info i stated above is not from the manufacturer & therefore is not 100% accurate although i believe it to be true.it's just hard to find out the details of these "stella guitars"
  • Carey - 2008-04-22
    I recently received a Stella guitar from a friend who said he hadn't seen it in 30 years. Locked away in his mother's attic was the treasure in it's original case with the marking
    S-68(crooked),under the model#. He gave it to me because he lost interest as a child trying to learn and I am 34 and learning as I post. I am going to have it repaired for it has some cracking and pull away damage to the back. Before long it will be good as new. Thanks
  • Robert - 2008-07-22
    I purchased a 1969 Stella H927 at a yardsale for $40. It is in great condition and sounds amazing. It just goes to show that you can find treasure in trash.
  • J.P. - 2008-09-12
    Digging through my storage closet I came across an old beat-up guitar case containing an h927 my aunt had given me when I was a young boy. The model/serial # reads: 732H927, with the marking "F-70-fs" stamped on the back. I'm guessing it was manufactured in the Fall or in the month of February of 1970 but I'm not quite sure what the "-fs" means. But thank you all for helping me discover exactly what I have in my pocession. Who knows?...I just may keep it.
  • Doc Nugent - 2008-11-14
    I've enjoyed my H929 so much, I just bought a 1966 H927 to go with it ($33 from the local Goodwill store). The nut's off to the left (and too low), and it needs strings (only came with three and two of those are nylon), but I can tell it'll play fine with a little TLC. I'll be adding a jack and a Ted Crocker "Flatbed Pickup" (floating brass saddle on a rosewood bridge with piezo inside) and tuning it to DADF#AD for slide blues fun.
  • AK - 2009-01-26
    Just did a bit of looking up about my H927, it's been in my family for a number of generations. It has vin. 5263H927 and the stamp reads S-70-FS, so I guess that dates it to the spring of 1970. Lovely little parlor guitar.
  • Mojo Blure - 2009-02-14
    I have just received this H927 Stella from eBay; it is wonderful. These things are TOUGH and RELIABLE, to give you the sound you are looking for. I play Traditional folk and Blues and slide and this is just the RIGHT sound I need!
  • Bryan - 2009-05-17
    Just bought a 1968 H927 from a flea market for $25. The guy didn't seem to know anything about it, and I had heard of Stella. Snatched it up since it plays nice. Anyone know anything about the "fruitwood" or whatever it is made of. Are the H929's better.
    I like this little piece though. It'll get me through some cold and lonely nights.
  • Bill Mill - 2009-07-06
    Just bought one of these beauties today. It was on E-Bay, being auctioned by a local music store. I went to the store and bought it direct for $100...worth every penny...phenomenal tone! Mine's a '67, in near mint condition. I feel very fortunate for two reasons...I now own another piece of American guitar-making history (I also have a 70's H6228,the H927's younger brother),from a time when mass-produced and inexpensive didn't necessarily mean "cheap", and, it's an exact replica of the very first guitar I ever owned...waaaay back in the day. It's freakin' awesome!
  • HosD18 - 2009-11-09
    Just bought a H927 Stella for my daughter Stella. Used to have one in college, but it is long gone. I paid $30 in college 25 yrs ago, and just bought this one for $39 from Ebay. It was $31 in 1969, so thsi guitar has not changed price in 40+yrs! The stamp reads F-69. thats is all, the seriel number I believe is 851H927, but the first 3 digits are pretty faded, something close. it has black painted rosette, white painted binding and western pickgaurd, no stencil on pickgaurd. Neck is straight. I will string it tomorrow.
  • six string singer - 2009-12-09
    I just purchased a Stella 927 off the bay for $47.00. Got it, and slapped on some new Martin lights and it plays great!It's in really good condition with the original case. You can really dig into these bad boys and play some blues. I also have an H165 that was really roughed up, but the action is perfect for unbelievable sounding slide.Top it off with a 1260 and you can totally rock out!.I also own a Harmony Rocket with that great jangle sound too!These are gems in their own right.This is a great site for us Harmony lovers!
  • Ken - 2010-01-12
    I really enjoy my old Stella! Finally found out which model it is.
    I may set it up for slide - got it free!
  • Emster - 2010-01-23
    I just got an H927 off of craigslist accidently for $15 (I was buying old/broken guitars for some art projects and the stella was in there) and I'm peeking around inside and without checking with a mirror I don't see a date stamp anywhere. The serial number is 2136H927 other than that though it's got nothing!
  • Stratomaster - 2010-05-20
    i cant date my H927 (sadly the date stamp has faded away). this guitar plays like a dream with d'addario extra lites, it plays almost as good as my Ovation Legend 1717(!) it is also the easiest note-bending acoustic ive ever played; i play a lot of blues and this lil' thang is perfect for that as it has a wonderfully boxy tone with great midrange presence. bought it off the 'bay in great condition for $100; best $100 ive ever spent, it whacks new guitars in that price range out of the park, partly because it is made in the good ol' US of A (the workmanship is fantastic). it is my travel guitar (perfect size for travel, 36" total length). i can't say enough good things about it. if you see one for sale, get it! you will not be disappointed, trust me.
  • 69 Stella - 2011-01-09
    Was looking for a learner guitar, stumbled upon this Stella on ebay. Turns out to be a '69 927 (393H927)in very nice condition. Came with what looks like the original "school boy" gig bag and a stap.
    I installed a set of Martin silk & steel strings, and it rings like a good 'un.
    Just learning the basic cords and toughenoing up my fingers. Great fun to "pick aorund" on. Can't wait to get good enough to play with my friends.
  • Nick - 2011-01-29
    My guitar say u.s.m inside my grand father was in marines and it used to be his and it also has a faded 69 with some other writing or shapes next to it that can't read. I don't think it's worth much but curios to see if a 69 Stella that survevid the war could be worth.
  • Jonathan - 2011-03-21
    I recently got a Stella H927 and it still sounds amazing! Serial # 4928H927. Still trying to figure out what year it is exactly, but still a nice guitar.
  • Pbrun - 2011-07-29
    Got one of these about 10 years ago at a garage sale for 25$ in the process of restoring it now. Got new machine heads for $10 and a leather pick guard and added some of my own flare to it.
  • Harmony Lover - 2012-03-08
    I just bought this H927 today and I am thrilled with it! One think I find unusual is that it is stamped F63.Which I am told is Fall 1963.This site says this model started production in 1964? Oh well,another Harmony mystery!
  • Doc MistaBluesman Quinn - 2012-07-30
    My cousin (Sharon Fisher) mailed me my Uncle Bud's old guitar. Wow, it's a Stella H927 (s-64-fs)- Spring 1964 Factory Second. It's like dang near NEW! Came with the case and I am so proud to have it. Not just because it's a Stella but more so because it was my "Uncle Bud's Guitar" - I have other Stellas but this will always be my best (even over my Colorama Sundale Stella.
    Doc MistaBluesman Quinn
    Facebook - Doc Quinn - Reno, Texas
  • cabertosser - 2012-08-12
    Just got a 67 H927 at an estate sale for $25.00.What a steal!It has the original case which is in good condition and it came with 2 period guitar books.Mel Bay fun with the guitar and The new guitar course by Alfred D'Auberge and Morton Manus.Plus there were 4 mimeograph print outs of some music he was working on back in the day and some hand written stuff too.Very cool to have and If I ever sell it kinda cool to pass along to someone else.My first Stella harmony guitar.Now I have the bug.Time to start looking for a H929 to match the Stella mandolin I got from my grandfather.They have the same finish so I would have a matched pair.
  • Gary Sanders - 2013-01-24
    I have a 1959 H927 My dad got for his birthday in 1964.He learned to play on it,i learned to play on it and now my son is playing it.Its got a few repairs needed because its been well loved all its life.Its a great guitar
  • Jim - 2013-03-08
    Purchased a 927 from Mapleton in Qld Australia. The numbers are faded . It's been sitting in the one position in a farm cupboard in sub tropics since the 60's complete with steel strings as thick as winch cables. There was slight fingering to be seen on C, G and D chords before a polish. It has slight neck / fretboard distortion that took a shave of the bridge to adjust. Pristine in condition. A gift from above.
    This baby is getting dressed in pearl over original markings. Presently sourcing a couple more and will fit Australian hardwood timber necks,fretboards and C brace internals like the good Yamaha's have for the necks.
    It lives beside my bed, it will be there when I pass.
  • Allan Osborne - 2013-03-17
    I just picked up an H927 Harmony Stella guitar some one had thrown out into his garbage. Got it just before the garbage recycle truck got there. It has seen better days, had only 4 strings and a few scratches here and there but other than that it is fully functional and I am sure will be a great little guitar, along with my Fender. Some times people throw away treasures. I was lucky enough to save it's life for a few more years.
  • Harrison - 2014-06-05
    An H927 came through the music store I work at recently. I thought it was cool, mainly because I like vintage gear. After some research I found that it was made in the Summer of 1965 indicated by the S-65 stamp in the sound hole. The VIN number is 8840H927. Really cool piece that I'm really considering buying.
  • p j Daigle - 2014-11-27
    Just found my old Stella Harmoney serial number 3877H927. Bought it in 1972. Loved that little guitar as a kid. It still sounds and plays well.
  • Dave - 2016-12-27
    Found a dusty guitar at the in-laws over Christmas and was pleased to discover that it's a very nice Spring of 1964 H927. Headstock only says Stella (no Harmony). Serial 5539H927
  • Bill Mill - 2018-01-09
    Been about 9 years since I got my '67 H927 and posted about it. Unlike myself, this guitar never gets old! Still sounds good, still plays good and is currently surviving the onslaught of 3 grandkids, one of whom will be it's lucky heir when I'm gone. They built these things to last...50 years and counting!
  • Tom Lohre - 2019-07-30
    Just picked up a H927 and it has two braces on the top missing, first two from the sound hole to the tail block as well the closest brace on the bottom towards the tail block. The next one on the bottom is loose. The bottom board has two cracks in it. Otherwise it has never been played. I wonder if someone removed the braces to make it sound better. Any advise?
  • Miker - 2019-08-03
    Is 200$ in great shape expensive . That’s what someone is asking
  • Cool Hand Luke - 2020-05-04
    I acquired my H927 Stella as a gift. This guitar was made perfect from the factory . The bridge was in the wrong place for intonation so I moved it back , which left an original view of the birch top.
    This Stella is a Gem. Great sound acoustically. I play the Stella thru my RMS acoustic guitar amp with a soundhole pickup. This Sound is like recording at Abbey Road Studios....
  • Jody - 2020-06-02
    Found one online for $50 - a teenager was selling his granddad's guitar, little did he know it was a prime condition 1965 blonde top (F-65). Appears that it was kept in dark storage (a barn) and never played, the strings have never been changed, and neck is original set position with no adjustments or glue. When I close my eyes I swear it feels like an LG-0. Just wanted to share my enthusiasm for this wonderful piece.

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