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models H933 - Stella
Acoustic flatop - Redburst, tiger faux flame
Production year(s) : 1967-1970 (other years possible, not verified)

Fender-style headstock - compare to earlier H931

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417x1043 - (78 kb) H933_1969.jpg
230x617 - (29 kb) H933_Stella_01.jpg
231x586 - (25 kb) H933_Stella_02.jpg
287x540 - (35 kb) H933_Stella_03.jpg
382x537 - (35 kb) H933_Stella_04.jpg
231x573 - (23 kb) H933_Stella_05.jpg
400x300 - (27 kb) H933_Stella_1969_01.jpg
400x300 - (23 kb)

All solid woods

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  • Capt.Cobb - 2006-08-10
    Got this model on Ebay for around $70.00. I was mainly interested in an old funky guitar to play blues/slide stuff. The action is kinda high, so it will work for what I had in mind. The nut is plastic, which I will probably upgrade to bone to see if I can coax a little more tone/volume out of it. I think it likes Open D tuning better than standard, sounds like it just opens up a little more.
  • jeff - 2006-11-22
    I have two of these Fenderhead Stellas, my H933 has a pickguard that is the same as the H934. As far as my other one, what I thought was a H934 Stella has the model number "1000" instead of H934. Both sound great for a small guitar, the "1000" definitely rings more and has more resonance. Haunting, actually. I own several upper-end Harmony guitars, mostly Sovereigns, an H1265, H1266, H6600, two H6560's and an Opus X (in addition to my Taylor 810). I love them all, but I have to say that I have a lot of fun with these little Stellas. I take one wherever I go, pull it out in a traffic jam, waiting for a Puget Sound ferry, any place I wouldn't care to bang up a prize instrument. If you ever itch for a cheap guitar, don't screw up, get one of these! Stella... the greatest cheap guitar ever made!
  • Ryan Albright - 2008-11-30
    Wow, I was looking for this model's information forever! I got one of these as my first guitar and it still plays strong, my uncle handed it down to me and I love the sound. It plays better than even my new Epiphone, or at least has a more pleasing song, the frets are a bit hard on the fingers.
  • Willy Bassman - 2008-12-31
    I have a "Harmony" flat top with the Fender style head, tortoiseshell pickguard, cheap-and-nasty white plastic button tuners, white body purfling, round hole with stencilled decoration - I bought this new in 1969 from Len Stiles in Lewisham, London, England. The model number is so faint as to be unreadable but definitely says Harmony on the head! Great little guitar, has done everything, recording, live shows, never let me down - nearly my oldest friend!
  • theinfideldog - 2009-06-15
    I Love Collecting these Little Stellas. I buy and sell, but I will most likely keep the H933 for a long, long time. Great Players, american icons, the guitars that drove the 60's and 70's. The best of the best probabally learned on a stella. darrell smith
  • - 2010-03-01
    Cool site. I need a bridge for this guitar. Can anyone help me?
    contact me at melvinnash@katyisd.org
  • Damien - 2011-07-08
    Here is my beautiful Stella H933. Was in pristine condition when I got it. All I have done to it is cleaned it up and also installed a Lawrence A300 Soundhole Pickup with minimum invasive alterations. The Lawrence was the only pickup I could find that actually fitted into the small soundhole. It is permanently held in place with a custom made aluminium frame.
    Now...how to add a photo....
  • Louis - 2014-01-15
    Someone on my block threw one out a few months ago. I fixed it up with some wood glue (seams were splitting apart) and it sounds great!
  • Cool Hand Luke - 2015-09-20
    I just picked up the H933 Stella with the Fender Headstock at a City Wide Rummage sale for $5.00. This included the original case. It is a 1968 and needed one screw on the bridge to be tight, new strings, and a good cleaning. It plays and sounds and looks like brand new. This is probably the best $5.00 guitar I have ever purchased. It is an unbelievable guitar for 47 years old. Did I mentioned I only paid $5.00?
  • cliff - 2016-06-29
    I bought mine Stella Harmony h933 Fender neck steel reinforced neck $50 bucks at a rummage sale about a year ago or two and it is really nice guitar can I have the original case for the guitar
  • Mark Jaeger - 2016-11-27
    Just picked up a Stella H933, along with what is apparently its original blue fabric carrying bag, today at a local auction for only $11. This particular guitar is a bit of a head-scratcher. The date and model stamps state "5336H933" and "S-70" (circa July-Dec'70) but the guitar displays elements of both pre- and post-'67 versions of the H931 and H933 (e.g., the head stock and body are those of an H931 but the guitar also has a "batwing" pickguard). I'm guessing this guitar was assembled from available materials on-hand thus explaining its transitional appearance. The upper left bout (closest to the body) is unfortunately a bit warped, but the guitar still plays reasonably well although the strings are quite old--possibly never changed since 1970! I'm hoping a good cleaning and some TLC will get this guy back into totally playable condition.
  • Joe - 2017-11-14
    Just picked up an H933 for $75. The action is a little high and the intonation is off a bit but I expected that.
  • jeff - 2017-11-22
    Posted about these here way back in '06, the same jeff. I still have my Sovereigns though sold my Taylor 810, as I gig with my Opus X. And to this day I still play my little Stella gem a lot. We recently got a new drummer for our band, he was a touring musician for many years with the group Fragile Lime, and they opened for some top name acts back in the day, as well as being an excellent band themselves.
    Well, he picked up my Stella one day, played it for a half hour and LOVED it. I was worried that it might "disappear" so I scored one on eBay for him. I fixed the slightly pulled-up bridge, and took the neck off and did a reset. The resonance of this one is maybe even better than mine, both guitars ring ghostly bells.
    We both know and have fine guitars, but though fine they are not, these Stellas are addicting and sound amazing once they are properly set up (and the intonation is as close as it can get). I saw one on Youtube with a pickup and it screams! So get one and have some cheap fun, I'm SO glad I did and so is my drummer buddy.
  • Cool Hand Luke - 2018-01-13
    Good evening,
    I have an update on my H933 Stella Fenderheadstock Guitar: The date inside is Summer of 1966. I just put new Elixer Strings on the guitar. I would like to suggest you do this also as these strings make this 66 as good as a 66 Mustang.
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  • jeff - 2018-06-17
    Enough with the keto-diet stuff, let's get back to guitars....
    I saw a candy apple red Stella on eBay awhile back and had to get it. I have owned several of these Stellas, some good, a few great, others not so much. I got this one because it is a rare example, not necessarily expecting much other than a cool-looking wall hanger.
    Well, it sounds great, rings like a bell and is a pleasure to play. The bridge had pulled up and was a bit warped on the bottom, but I corrected this and the wood-on-wood contact with the top really brings out the sound.
    This basic model was a catalog guitar for many years, Harmony even sold them by the six-pack! Frankly they are cheap and often crude, but if you take a little time to set one up and dial it in, the result can be worth the effort, even up to "What the Hell, this sounds great!"
    I have had the latter response happen more than twice.
    I own some great guitars. But I play my little Stella every day
  • Steveo - 2020-07-11
    My father took me to a local music store for my birthday in either 1969 or 1970 and bought me one of these H933's. After a couple of years I started putting nylon strings on it to be easier on my fingers. I still have it, and it still almost looks like new. The painted on binding is slightly chipped, but otherwise it's in great shape. I was wondering what the original price was, now I know. $31.95.

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