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models H945 - Master
Acoustic archtop - Sunburst
Production year(s) : 1954-1971 (other years possible, not verified)

Real bindings - all birch body

images 66 images in database
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332x782 - (53 kb) H945_Master_02.jpg
800x600 - (95 kb) H945_Master_03.jpg
440x671 - (53 kb) H945_Master_04.jpg
272x488 - (52 kb) H945_Master_05.jpg
450x600 - (42 kb) H945_Master_06.jpg
400x592 - (41 kb) H945_Master_07.jpg
400x592 - (38 kb) H945_Master_08.jpg
400x592 - (44 kb) H945_Master_09.jpg
400x592 - (35 kb) H945_Master_10.jpg
493x573 - (49 kb) H945_Master_11.jpg
441x587 - (43 kb) H945_Master_12.jpg
320x800 - (47 kb) H945_Master_13.jpg
472x646 - (52 kb) H945_Master_14.jpg
348x600 - (60 kb) H945_Master_15.jpg
561x600 - (79 kb) H945_Master_16.jpg
485x600 - (48 kb) H945_Master_17.jpg
461x600 - (64 kb) H945_Master_18.jpg
800x600 - (72 kb) H945_Master_19.jpg
336x600 - (46 kb) H945_Master_1957_01.jpg
419x768 - (55 kb) H945_Master_1957_02.jpg
543x768 - (51 kb) H945_Master_1957_03.jpg
600x800 - (82 kb) H945_Master_1957_04.jpg
600x800 - (80 kb) H945_Master_1957_05.jpg
600x800 - (63 kb) H945_Master_1957_06.jpg
502x741 - (48 kb) H945_Master_1957_07.jpg
545x795 - (54 kb) H945_Master_1957_08.jpg
800x600 - (57 kb) H945_Master_1957_09.jpg
490x426 - (20 kb) H945_Master_1957_10.jpg
800x600 - (78 kb) H945_Master_1957_11.jpg
800x600 - (70 kb) H945_Master_1961_01.jpg
480x640 - (46 kb) H945_Master_1961_02.jpg
480x640 - (54 kb) H945_Master_1961_03.jpg
480x640 - (57 kb) H945_Master_1961_04.jpg
480x640 - (37 kb) H945_Master_1961_05.jpg
640x480 - (121 kb) H945_Master_1961_06.jpg
233x500 - (15 kb) H945_Master_1961_07.jpg
221x500 - (19 kb) H945_Master_1961_08.jpg
389x500 - (28 kb) H945_Master_1961_09.jpg
234x500 - (12 kb) H945_Master_1961_10.jpg
356x500 - (19 kb) H945_Master_1961_11.jpg
256x500 - (14 kb) H945_Master_1961_12.jpg
232x500 - (16 kb) H945_Master_1964_01.jpg
260x480 - (15 kb) H945_Master_1964_02.jpg
373x480 - (23 kb) H945_Master_1964_03.jpg
498x480 - (29 kb) H945_Master_1964_04.jpg
617x464 - (25 kb) H945_Master_1964_05.jpg
281x480 - (13 kb) H945_Master_1964_06.jpg
483x480 - (22 kb) H945_Master_1964_07.jpg
418x480 - (20 kb) H945_Master_1964_08.jpg
509x444 - (19 kb) H945_Master_1964_09.jpg
267x480 - (13 kb) H945_Master_1966_01.jpg
211x400 - (12 kb) H945_Master_1966_02.jpg
286x391 - (19 kb) H945_Master_1966_03.jpg
300x400 - (15 kb) H945_Master_1966_04.jpg
300x400 - (23 kb) H945_Master_1966_05.jpg
300x400 - (22 kb) H945_Master_20.jpg
380x800 - (80 kb) H945_Master_21.jpg
600x800 - (71 kb) H945_Master_23.jpg
600x800 - (41 kb) H945_Master_24.jpg
600x800 - (64 kb) H945_Master_25.jpg
600x800 - (55 kb) H945_Master_26.jpg
600x800 - (46 kb) H945_Master_27.jpg
600x800 - (72 kb) H945_Master_28.jpg
800x600 - (55 kb) H945_Master_29.jpg
600x800 - (53 kb) H945_Master_30.jpg
800x600 - (46 kb)

Top woodBirch
Body woodBirch
All solid woods

Scale25"1/4642 mm

31 comments | Add your comment !

  • Bruce N - 2007-08-31
    I found an old H945 Master version, this one was converted into Trichord (3pairs) style, using a custom bridge, strange, interesting! attempting to learn to play it. I wonder if anyone has something like it...
  • Christian Pickup - 2007-10-26
    I have a Master H945 from '57. She's in rough shape (some cracks in top, and a couple nicks on the back of neck, and the original tailpiece is long gone) but still sounds wonderful. Over the years, the neck had warped, making the action very high. I took it to a tech and had the bridge filed down and the frets adjusted. That cost me over $100. Now whe plays like a dream, with a gorgeous sound. The scratches, cracks and dents only ad to her appeal.
  • smkess - 2007-12-08
    I have a beautiful H945 made in the summer of 1970 in pristine condition. Almost perfect. Original everything including case & business card from the store is was originally purchased from. It plays great, I don't even think the strings were ever changed and they still sound good. Mostly hangs with my collection, and gets played from time to time. Bought it in 2005 for $180 from a friend who's Dad bought it new and never played it, sat in case until I got it. Worth every penny! It's a gem!
  • bobby boogie - 2008-05-04
    I have a 1964 master, I love it ! Open D slide awesome.
  • retro daddy - 2008-05-30
    My H945 has a stencil and is not scrolled, looks a lot older than all of the pics posted here.
    Any ideas when they stopped doing this kind of paint? Appears to be more 1940's made.
    Harmony and Master are clearly Stencil.
  • geochemistry - 2008-08-17
    After not touching a musical instrument for 25 years, I bought a Master because I fondly remembered a friends guitar. The tones are great, the tuning keys are precise, and with a little elbow grease and automotive "Nu Finish Scratch Doctor", the laquer finish is as bright or brighter than when new. What a great re-intro into music.
  • Andy - 2008-10-02
    this is a nice little blues/jazz box. its well intonated up to about the 13th or 14th fret depending on what string your playing, all in all id say if your a beginner or early intermediate this is a great buy, but if your more serious save your cash and get a guitar thats as serious about music as you.
  • DMAN - 2009-01-14
    Yeah, I have an OLD Harmony master, but i have no idea what model, it looks very similar to the pics, but the name is in stencil, it says made in usa, but nothing below that regarding the reinforced neck. it's beat to hell, my grandfather gave it to me, it was beat up then too, but it has been hanging up on my wall just because i like the archtop design. has no pic guard, but the holes are there from when it did and the tail piece has been replaced years ago.
  • Lauren - 2009-02-10
    My mom just gave me her Harmony Master Guitar that her dad gave her when sge was 10. The guitar is probably from the late 60s/ early 70s, but I am not sure. It has all of the original pieces, except for the case. It sounds really good, and looks good too.
  • kyle davis - 2009-03-27
    i have a 61 silvertone that i cant seem to find an exact match but the harmony master is the closest i have found so far. love the tone and has great action. lucked out getting it for 80$ (especially in the great condish its in).
  • Ranger Rick - 2009-07-24
    Just got a "Master" in near excellent condition for $200. Never had an archtop but alwasy liked the way they looked. This guitar plays very well with a nice mellow tone and great action. Not a very loud instrument but I can't seem to put it down. I also own a Martin dreadnought, a Fender Telecaster and a 1960 Gretch Clipper. My Master is by far the cheapest guitar I have but it sure is fun to play.
  • Ruth - 2009-12-26
    I owned a H945 Harmony Master identical to the one in pictures .21jpg,.20jpg,.05jpg,.04jpg,and.01jpg which are toward the end of the photos listed. My parents gave it to me when I was 15 back in 1958. It had a gorgeous tone, but when I got arthritis in my hands the arched neck that the Harmony had became hard for me to play. It was in excellent condition a local music shop had evaluated it at around $1,000. Unfortunately for me I no longer have it, because in Nov. 2004 while on day 4 of a 21 day trip my apt. was broken into by people looking for things to sell for drugs. The police did nothing to find it or the other items taken and advised me when I arrived home to go looking for it. I knew full well it had long since left my part of the Nova Scotia as most drug realted stolen items are usually sent out of province.
  • june bugg - 2010-04-20
    I just finished doing surgery to my harmony master... it had been sat upon, and really badly broken... with a little glue, strings, and a set of new tuners, it plays like a dream... not too big on the stenciled fret dots, so i strippet the neck and made some round inlays... sad to say that the tone was better when it was broken... go figure... but still, i love it and i will keep it forever....
  • Frankly Speaking - 2011-01-12
    I just 'recouped' an H945 from it's original giutar case, that I've had since about 1959. I quit playing in 1961, when after a party. I got home to my dark room and sat on top of it, which was on my bed----embarrased, thinking that it could not be repaired, I never looked at it until this past (2010) summer, when someone said that it could be repaired. Sure enough, a luthier, took the top off, repaired it, adjusted the unwarped neck, tuned it, and now it rings like a bell, with the best flat wound strings I could find. The cracks are visible, but tight, and glued. I've seen some really famous players sounding really good with some really beat up 'road' guitars. So, I've again taken up playing, and intend to teach my Grandsons to keep the light on before they get home. This is the best thing I've done for myself in 49 years. Thanks to all Muscians who can make it happen. Semper Fi
  • Ted Hogan - 2011-10-09
    My first guitar at age 10 was a 1963 Harmony Master 945. I still have it, though it sat in the case unappreciated and unplayed for years after I graduated high school. I recently replaced the strings and adjusted the bridge to correct intonation. It surprised me how well it plays and sounds after nearly 50 years. Can't beat the retro look and sound. I plan to upgrade to a bone nut and ebony bridge to brighten the sound a bit, but by golly, I think I'll keep her.
  • kaleb - 2011-11-03
    i traded for one of these. It had been refinished and had new grovers and a bone nut added. Its great!
  • Joe - 2011-11-09
    I just purchased one in perfect condition. My father's best friend used to set one on my lap when I was five or six years old and let me strum it. I've never been the same.
  • ARumRunner - 2011-11-22
    I've been looking for an old Harmony arch top for years to set up as a slide guitar for some foot stomp'n Delta Blues and Bluesy Folk. At long last I found this H945 in close to mint condition. I bought it off a young gall who said it sat in her closet for a few years and was given to her by an older gentleman she was looking after in an retirement residence. The only way I could date it is by the music scores that came with the guitar in the case, all from 1957. Three years before I was born. I have a musical family so this Harmony will sing again!
  • drivenZ - 2012-03-11
    The heading on this article states from 1954 but i can confirm 1953 as well. My full serial is 2367H945 B-53-T. I've had my 945 for about 20 years and just recently started playing it in the last few years. Prior to that it was a great uncles who may or may not have been the original owner. It's a bit rough around the edges but the sound is great.
    this site is an awesome resource. Thanks
  • MiProjectMgr - 2012-05-28
    My aunt just gave me my father's first guitar. She has held onto it for years. I lost my father in 1990 but this makes me feel so close to him again. I think it's a 1954 Harmony Master H945. There's one tiny stamp inside and it's hard to read. I hope to get it restored and learn to play.
  • magnamann - 2012-10-19
    I just watched a video on YouTube of an artist named Rhett Walker doing an acoustical version of his new song When Mercy Found Me and he is playing what appears to be about a 1964 H945 Harmony Master. It's great to see someone playing a classic like this when now adays everyone is playing Martin or Gibson or Taylor guitars.
  • Grey G, - 2013-01-08
    I own a 1959 H945 'Master' .. bought it used for $200 .. funny thing is she is all black,.. apparently someone decided to paint her, possibly to cover up a bad repair job or something. Nevertheless I love her to bits and I think the paint job makes her look sleek, doesn't seem to effect the sound at all. despite a small crack from one of the f-holes and a crack that can be seen in the back when looking in, she seems to be in great condition considering her age. The action is very comfortable with no fret buzz and she stays in tune fairly well considering her age.
  • Gary Gay - 2015-02-16
    This was my first guitar. My parents bought it for me back in 1967, when I was 15. This was the guitar I learned to play on. I remember it had a HUGE neck and heavy gauge strings. Back then you had to really WANT to play the guitar to learn on one of these. I sold it in 1970 when I got a better guitar when I graduated from high school.
    Mine looked just like the ones pictured except that it had pearloid dots inlays instead of the painted on blocks.
  • jt51185 - 2015-12-05
    just got this 1957 master. so pretty any plays very well, digging the old vibe. not sure how to add the photo, but in very good shape!
  • rick - 2016-08-03
    I have a 7225 H 945 arch top guitar in great shape but can't find info on the first 4 digits. I believe the guitar is 63-64. The bridge doesn't have rollers to adjust height, so maybe it has been replaced.
  • Lee Miers - 2017-01-12
    I just bought a 1963 945 paid $600 for it. It is beautiful !!!!
  • Arvin Batterton - 2017-06-19
    I've wanted an H945 Master for many years, finally bought one online that looks good and original. 9798 H945. Don't know what year it is but excited to get it in a few weeks.
  • Hankster - 2017-11-10
    I just bought a H945. For one dollar. Other than a neck press and finger board leveling I'll have a great guitar for under 200.00 all said and done plays in tune and sound great now. But the action is way too high. No dead spots what a find
  • Paul - 2018-01-25
    I picked up my 1970 H945 a couple months ago. I'm a lefty so I didn't get to play it before handing over my $200. I thought it might just be a wall hanger but, I filed the nut so I could reverse the strings and removed the pick guard. I put on a new set of light gauge strings and tuned it down a half step. I have some really nice guitars including Taylor 714CE, Eastman 905, Gibson 335 and LP Standard and a couple Fenders including an Olympic White 1963 Stratocaster but, I can hardly put this one down. It plays great and sounds awesome. I'm thinking of installing a pick guard mounted pickup but there's no point in that without a decent hard case. If anyone knows of a hard case that fits this guitar I'd really like to know. Thanks and God bless.
  • john - 2018-04-08
    received somewhat beat up harmony master in 1962 for Christmas. Learned to play enough to gather a small crowd at gatherings. Trying to determine what year it was made. I would like to see about getting the neck and frets redone to make it more playable. adjustable bridge is stripped and wont hold adjustment.
  • Rodny. G - 2019-01-15
    I have a Harmony master late 60's. Bought it for 70$, reset the neck, did some fretwork, & refinished it after repairing some cracks around the f-holes. Now it's my favorite acoustic jazz guitar.

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