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models H1213 - Archtone
Acoustic archtop - Brown sunburst
Production year(s) : 1950-1971 (other years possible, not verified)

One of the most popular archtop models from the "Archtone" serie. See also H1214 and H1215. All birch body (solid woods).

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364x459 - (30 kb) H1213_Archtone_02.jpg
367x464 - (28 kb) H1213_Archtone_03.jpg
480x640 - (62 kb) H1213_Archtone_04.jpg
289x632 - (24 kb) H1213_Archtone_05.jpg
377x800 - (58 kb) H1213_Archtone_06.jpg
531x800 - (80 kb) H1213_Archtone_07.jpg
370x793 - (68 kb) H1213_Archtone_10.jpg
175x386 - (9 kb) H1213_Archtone_11.jpg
257x378 - (18 kb) H1213_Archtone_12.jpg
176x374 - (8 kb) H1213_Archtone_13.jpg
288x400 - (15 kb) H1213_Archtone_1950_01.jpg
820x615 - (69 kb) H1213_Archtone_1950_02.jpg
820x615 - (65 kb) H1213_Archtone_1950_03.jpg
820x615 - (73 kb) H1213_Archtone_1950_04.jpg
820x615 - (55 kb) H1213_Archtone_1950_05.jpg
820x615 - (56 kb) H1213_Archtone_1950_06.jpg
820x615 - (54 kb) H1213_Archtone_1950_07.jpg
820x615 - (64 kb) H1213_Archtone_1950_08.jpg
820x615 - (37 kb) H1213_Archtone_1957_01.jpg
564x1280 - (116 kb) H1213_Archtone_1957_02.jpg
536x1024 - (97 kb) H1213_Archtone_1957_03.jpg
792x1024 - (160 kb) H1213_Archtone_1957_04.jpg
560x1280 - (95 kb) H1213_Archtone_1957_05.jpg
683x1024 - (68 kb) H1213_Archtone_1957_06.jpg
683x1024 - (93 kb) H1213_Archtone_1957_07.jpg
1280x853 - (142 kb) H1213_Archtone_1957_08.jpg
1280x853 - (107 kb) H1213_Archtone_1957_09.jpg
1280x853 - (134 kb) H1213_Archtone_1961_01.jpg
339x580 - (22 kb) H1213_Archtone_1961_02.jpg
358x450 - (19 kb) H1213_Archtone_1961_03.jpg
358x599 - (21 kb) H1213_Archtone_1961_04.jpg
450x600 - (33 kb) H1213_Archtone_1961_05.jpg
450x600 - (37 kb) H1213_Archtone_1961_06.jpg
537x450 - (23 kb) H1213_Archtone_1961_07.jpg
375x500 - (19 kb) H1213_Archtone_1961_08.jpg
375x500 - (18 kb) H1213_Archtone_1961_09.jpg
375x500 - (24 kb) H1213_Archtone_1961_10.jpg
375x500 - (16 kb) H1213_Archtone_1961_11.jpg
375x500 - (24 kb) H1213_Archtone_1961_12.jpg
500x375 - (15 kb) H1213_Archtone_1964_01.jpg
563x992 - (86 kb) H1213_Archtone_1964_02.jpg
665x733 - (71 kb) H1213_Archtone_1964_03.jpg
483x715 - (66 kb) H1213_Archtone_1964_04.jpg
458x979 - (54 kb) H1213_Archtone_1964_05.jpg
726x768 - (58 kb) H1213_Archtone_1965_01.jpg
268x480 - (30 kb) H1213_Archtone_1965_02.jpg
257x480 - (36 kb) H1213_Archtone_1965_03.jpg
458x480 - (51 kb) H1213_Archtone_1965_04.jpg
449x480 - (40 kb) H1213_Archtone_1965_05.jpg
395x480 - (30 kb) H1213_Archtone_1965_06.jpg
640x480 - (55 kb) H1213_Archtone_1965_07.jpg
640x480 - (30 kb) H1213_Archtone_1965_08.jpg
443x480 - (24 kb) H1213_Archtone_1965_09.jpg
375x480 - (51 kb) H1213_Archtone_1966_01.jpg
289x640 - (52 kb) H1213_Archtone_1966_02.jpg
480x640 - (66 kb) H1213_Archtone_1966_03.jpg
225x480 - (17 kb) H1213_Archtone_1966_04.jpg
258x445 - (16 kb) H1213_Archtone_1966_05.jpg
351x457 - (25 kb) H1213_Archtone_1966_06.jpg
640x480 - (35 kb) H1213_Archtone_1966_07.jpg
640x426 - (35 kb) H1213_Archtone_1966_08.jpg
640x340 - (25 kb) H1213_Archtone_1966_09.jpg
640x480 - (26 kb) H1213_Archtone_1966_10.jpg
640x480 - (38 kb) H1213_Archtone_1966_11.jpg
635x260 - (19 kb) H1213_Archtone_1966_12.jpg
640x437 - (48 kb) H1213_Archtone_1966_13.jpg
639x409 - (35 kb) H1213_Archtone_1966_14.jpg
346x480 - (17 kb) H1213_Archtone_1969_01.jpg
204x400 - (15 kb) H1213_Archtone_1969_02.jpg
300x400 - (24 kb) H1213_Archtone_1969_03.jpg
252x380 - (15 kb) H1213_Archtone_1969_04.jpg
275x391 - (15 kb) H1213_Archtone_1969_05.jpg
299x372 - (16 kb) H1213_Archtone_1969_06.jpg
192x398 - (13 kb) H1213_Archtone_1969_07.jpg
400x300 - (12 kb)

Top woodBirch
Body woodBirch
All solid woods

Scale25"1/4642 mm

55 comments | Add your comment !

  • enbcom - 2005-09-07
    I have a 1962 H1213 with a headstock logo that says "Lancer" with two spears crossed over. It's black with painted on white inlays and binding. It's really cheap but cool looking. I suspect it was a Canadian model made for Woolworth some other Canadian department store. I bought it at a country estate auction, seemed to be all original so likely didn't move around much.
  • Dave S - 2006-12-16
    I intended to buy a flat top folk guitar in 1967 but got this one because the strings were closer to the neck and much easier to play than my friends Gibson. The thing I didn't like is that it didn't look like a cool folkie guitar.
  • Thank you for this resource! - 2007-02-11
    I've just come into possession of a H1213 after the passing of my Dad. I remember him practicing / attempting Segovia and Romero licks in the family room, with his head surrounded by Sir Walter Raleigh pipe smoke. What a memory.Thank you again.
  • Ramiro Reyes. - 2007-05-24
    hello, my name is Ramiro and alive in the city of Mexico, I buy a Harmony H1213 made in the USA in 1957, the sound is brilliant and this in excellent conditions, really buys it in a store of persistence and that was a very good purchase. Greetings to all and until soon.
  • Eddie P. - 2007-07-12
    Today I bought a Harmony # 8935H1213 w/1-67-11 inside the "f" hole................it sounds great with new Martin strings..........I really love it...........it is in great condition....everything is oringinal......I skipped a day of work to buy it !!! Hope I still have a job !!! Eddie P.
  • Andy (Dear Rose) - 2007-08-25
    Just got a harmony 1213 today from F-61. This thing plays amazing! The string action is very low, great tone,...very bluesy. The prior owner replaced the old tuners with new metal ones. Can't thank your site enough for the wonderful information and history, THANKS!! - ANdy
  • Will Dockery - 2007-10-06
    I was recently given a Harmony 9629H1213... its been through a bit of "hard travelling" but still has a great ring, nice with slide. A friend was playing along with it in the backseat to classical music on the radio... astounding! Anyway, it needs some work but not a lot.
  • Steve - 2007-12-20
    Bought an H1213 on a whim and so glad I did. Great sound and the action is really ahead of its time. It's forsale but really becoming one of my guitars that I'm goig to hate to see go... but running out of wall space.
  • Thomas A. - 2008-05-08
    About four years ago i bought a guitar from a friend. He sold it to me for 50 bucks so i was like sweet. I had never known what model it was, i just knew that it sounded amazing. After looking up the model and year on your site, i found out that it was a 64 H1213 model. I'm so glad i bought it from him. Thanks for the help!
  • pat geraghty - 2008-05-10
    I purchased 8915h1213 at a yard sale in VA.for around 25$ from the original owner,He added he would play it for his children during summer breaks and sometimes at other family gatherings. He also mentioned they traveled quite alot as did the Harmony,I could sense his attachment to the instrument.Knowing its History is as wonderful as is the Guitar.
  • Dankobeard - 2008-05-15
    My grandpa bought a 1961 harmony 2221H1213 55 years ago, and it has served him well. The frets from 1 to 4 are so worn after all this time that you have to press very hard to get the strings to ring out. Also the pickguard is broken just up from the f-hole. Other than that, it still sounds great! I can see why this was his primary guitar for years.
  • Sites by Joe - 2009-05-20
    I was told my H1213 was from 1948. Thanks to this site I now see that based on the serial number, 551H1213 S-65 AP, that this guitar is actually from May 1965.
  • Mike Dill - 2009-06-28
    I bought a 1960 Archtone at a local guitar store, in 2000. Somebody had put Gibson tuners on it, striped it and finished it in red minwax ( yuck!) I Striped that off, left it natural finished for several years, then eventually sprayed it black, made a new logo decal, pickguard, and attached an old Rowe pickup to the top, and made "binding" from steel foil tape, the result being a real bad-ass guitar. I play it out quite often in smaller clubs, and it gets lots of attention.
  • Bob - 2009-08-19
    I have my sister's Archtop 3804H1213 S-66 GG purchased new in 1966. Everything original including the cloth gigbag. Missing the pick guard. A great little practice guitar which has stood up to the hands of time.
  • Ron H - 2009-10-29
    great site. just inherited a 64 archtop great condition. looks just like the H1213 but has H1214 printed inside. now I have a mystery to solve. the site is a wealth of information. thanks
  • ghostwitch - 2009-12-03
    i found one in the corner of my guitarist's dad's place which is about a 180 yr old home.
    it was strung left handed with heavy guage strings which warped the crap out of it.
    i cleaned it up, adjusted the bridge and put light weight strings on it and it sounds amazing played with a brass slide in open "E"...
    virtually impossible to play otherwise.
    i'd imagine it's worth about $60 on the vintage market but i love it to death.
  • djfan19992000 - 2010-02-22
    i have had a harmony guitar for 41 yrs. from a friend when we were in high school..iam giving it back after at our 40 th class union..never played it.#on it are 2762h1213 ray from nc
  • JOEY C - 2010-04-24
  • ttweed - 2010-05-08
    Today I found a 1964 H1213 at a garage sale for $3.00! I didn't know anything about these guitars when I bought it, but when I saw the archtop and f holes, I figured it might be something special. The finger guard is missing, a couple of the tuning knobs are a bit bent and the archtop has a couple of nasty looking cracks in it. It looks "well-loved" and I'm stoked to find out if it can be restored. I love the look of this guitar and I'm so happy I found it. Your website has been a great resource in helping me learn more about this beautiful guitar - Thanks.
  • Patrick - 2010-06-06
    I have an H1213 with stamp 2736H1213 I also thought it was from 1945 or so, because the flight case had a label from the Dutch airlines from that date.
  • Rick Ammazzini - 2010-06-09
    A message to EDDIE P. You won't believe this but I have the #8936H1213 F-67. Does that mean mine was made right after yours? Just bought it today (June 9, 2010). I might have paid too much ($170.00 CDN) but I just had to have it.
  • kthnwk - 2010-09-15
    I saw that "dankobeard" said his grandfather bought a 1961 harmony "55 yrs" ago. Is that possable?It's only 2010 now and your post was in 2008. L.O.L! I have 222"5" H 1213[his is 4 guitars older than mine.
  • ValHarm - 2011-02-12
    I have a archtone H1213 with a made in USA stamp and F49. your database says other dates than 50-71 are possible, but not verified. the one I have seems to verify older than 1950.
  • iohannes.fac.totum - 2011-03-16
    Hooray! I inherited my grandfather's old guitar, but there was no name on the headstock, only these numbers inside. Nice to know it's so old :)
  • nopicks - 2011-03-16
    I recently puchased a Harmony, # 4144H1213. I figure it's circa late sixties . It has some issues, cosmetically but...
    Cleaned it w/ naphtha & boiled linseed oil. It did it's job bringing life & luster back to the wood. This took 2 weeks and lots & lots of elbow grease, but with new tuners, a new rosewood bridge and some nice LaBella 820s & it now rings warmly when played. The nut appears to be made of ebony and looks original??? I can't beleive the quality of the wood used and how nice it feels when gently vibrating in my arms...I love my guitar. I do get some fret buzz above the 12th, but I can live with it.
  • Adam C - 2011-04-30
    Just purchased my Harmony today. 4893H1213 F63. It was hanging in a local guitar shop next to a vintage Silvertone archtop, but the Harmony simply oozed mojo, and sounded SO much better than the Silvertone. It practically leapt off the wall and slapped me in the face when I saw it! Plays and sounds as good as my Seagull acoustic, but the Harmony is 48 years old, and it radiates an aura the Seagull simply can't match!
  • Tony P. - 2011-11-23
    I have a 1213 that I suspect to be from the late 60's. It came down through the family tree and has a a great warm sound. Unfortunately she is old and I don't play her much any more but I am sure proud to have her. I named her after my grandmother since it belonged to her husband.
  • AZ Da Mane - 2011-12-22
    The harmony I have has 8523H1213 in black, and the red stamp is simply the letters "NM". Can anyone help me date this guitar?
  • carson - 2012-04-30
    i just got a 1962 moded to 8 string harmony for 35 bucks it was painted gold little bit of elbow grease and i have a vintage looking 8 string harmony killer deal and so fun to play just what i was looking for
  • H Taylor - 2012-05-08
    Just picked up a h1213 from local pawn shop.I paid $200.00 for it .I know thats a little to much.But I have been lookin for a few years,once I played it the sound was amazeing.I was hooked.After a good clean up and new Martin lights.No serial number or stamp,from reserch I think it is early 1960s.I got rid of my Fender.This one has a home with me forever.
  • Bodoger - 2012-10-11
    Mine is #396H1213 F-70-ML 1, It has totaly fell apart from dry storage but I will reassemble it and hopefully will make a decent guitar once more.
  • feralpigeon - 2012-12-05
    I got my Dad's H1214. Beautiful. Working on it now. I think some/all of these shipped with a wood nut. Somewhere in there mine wound up with a nylon nut on there. Today the bone nut I ordered arrived. The right stewmac.com part is 6010. Filing on it now. At some point the tuners
  • feralpigeon - 2012-12-12
    Got my tuners. Stewmac part 2500 fits/looks right. I think my H1213 must have shipped new without the bushings. I am leaving them off.
  • Kevin - 2013-03-02
    I was given a Harmony guitar by my brother in law who had used it, as well as his daughter, to learn to play. It had been found in a playground back in the late 60's to early 70's. It is separating at the neck and also a couple of places on the body, but I'm going to get it repaired soon. The numbers on the inside are: 1943H1215, with S-65 Gb, and Made in USA below that. I'm also thinking of adding an electronic pickup to it, but not sure if I want to. It's a fantastic guitar, easy to play, easier than my Fender CD140S.
  • cd - 2013-04-29
    My dad picked one of these up from a friend of his. When he got it home we tried to date it, but the stamp on the inside is faded and illegible. Also, someone had painted over the headstock where it would have said, "Harmony" followed by their logo and, "Made in the USA."
  • Rediscovered - 2013-06-18 - 2013-06-18
    I just retired, and pulled out this grand 1870H1213 Harmony Guitar from my closet. It was given to me complete with the case as a student in 1967 at UC Berkeley. I am now age 67, and as I view and feel the beauty of this classic, I am impressed with its sound and quality. I am keeping it forever, other guitars can come and go.
  • Frizman - 2014-03-16
    Have a 1952, been much played. I've had it for ~20 years, and love it! paid $125 Dallas Guitar show...wouldn't sell it for a thousand...
  • Rooster - 2014-12-14
    I just inherited my h1213 from my great grand mother love it so far because of sentimental reasons, but ordered the Martin strings and waiting on them to arrive so glad to have it.
  • Harmbh - 2015-03-25
    Hey rediscovered, have 3664H1213. Xmas 1965. Played on/off since. Always sounds righteous.
  • Lawrence Flynn - 2015-06-11
    My mother in law, before she passed gave me her Harmony 3658H1213. Its been in the case for 10 years. Now that I am about to retire, I am taking up lessons. Glad I have such a nice guitar to practice the blues and blue grass tunes. Thanks Emmy.... (her name)... I am a fortunate son. L.
  • Michael - 2016-09-23
    This was my first guitar... got it in 1961-62. I don't remember what happened to it, but I still have a great picture of me holding it on my lap. It had a black pickguard with out the "Harmony" text. I've owned a dozen or so guitars in my life but always wished I had that one back. I bought one just like it on eBay a few years ago that leans in the corner right under the picture of my first with the caption, "Remember from whence thou came". That guitar started a lifelong pleasure.
  • Steve Baxter - 2017-04-13
    Got mine for lessons in 1968 at Ray Mullins Music Store in Pawtucket Rhode Island. Still have it and still play it. My one and only (so far) acoustic guitar. A quality instrument!
  • ColdCanuck - 2017-08-20
    I just bought a Harmony 4143H1213 yesterday for $50. I tuned it right away and played a few cords and it sounded great. Can anyone tell me what year this was made?
  • ColdCanuck - 2017-08-20
    I just bought a Harmony 4143H1213 yesterday for $50. I tuned it right away and played a few cords and it sounded great. Can anyone tell me what year this was made?
  • Dot - 2017-09-24
    I have a H1213 that I have had in storage for many years. Still sound great.
  • Karl Cook - 2018-01-11
    What significants does the 4 digit number before the "H" have. Just acquired an 1868H1213 today. Brought it home, removed the old strings , cleaning up, dust mainly! Not a scratch on the body but with minor dings along the off-white edge. It's also stamped..5-G58 as best I can read it
  • gerry - 2018-01-27
    I have a Harmony guitar stamped 832H1213
    and 8-54-7.
    I assume it's from 1954, and either Aug 7 or July 8.
  • Ollie Regg - 2019-01-26
    I recently inherited an H1213 that was found in a house that has been used as storage for the last few decades or more. Luckily it was in one piece with only a crack running into one of the f holes that was easily repaired. The other problems were a broken nut, and the bridge was missing. I quickly ordered a bridge but when I got it, I noticed that the strings were way too high even thought the adjustable bridge was set to it’s lowest setting. It appears that the highest I can go and maintain an acceptable action is 16mm I have seen some of these models with a single piece bridge. Does anyone know when these guitars came with an adjustable bridge? We’re the necks set differently when they added this feature? What year did they start date stamping these guitars? I have used a mirror and a camera probe to check the underside of the top and cannot find a date anywhere. I’m in love with this guitar and would like to find out more about it. Also, if anyone can give me specs one the solid piece bridge I would appreciate it.
  • Mike - 2019-03-30
    I bought mine from a person who needed $5 dollars
    Said he had a guitar,but it had been in a barn for at least 20yrs.Now this was in1976 i told him to bring it home not expecting much.It had 2 inches of dust.I started to clean it and wow it pop out.
    Ok next it needed strings i was lucky on the looks
    I surely didnt think it would play good but it did look good an straight.Put the strings on it.That HARMONY SOUNDED GREAT played easy didnt distune up the neck.Both my boys learned to play using it..
  • Todped - 2019-07-16
    Has anyone ever see this model with painted blocks and not dots. It's definitely not the Archtop Master but all the H1213's I see have dots. Looking to take a swing at one for a hundred bucks. Thanks.
  • Steee - 2019-09-14
    Bought this today at a yard sale, date stamp is completely obscured but the ...H1213 is clear. It sounded great with the heavily oxidized & way out of tune strings on it. I spent the night dusting and rehabing fretboard, had to remove pickguard as it was very cracked. New strings tomorrow, I can't wait to hear what this $5 guitar sounds like.
  • Alan Walker - 2020-06-15
    I recently got what must be a '68, with KENT electronics and a transducer pickup built in. The tuners were pretty bad so I put era appropriate Klusons on it. Awesome guitar.
  • Nita - 2020-07-12
    My Step-Dad just gave my a Harmony H1213 that him and his sister played when they were young. Showed me a picture of his sister with it dated 1957. She needs a lot of cleaning just missing the pit guard. Glad to be the proud new owner.
  • Tim Golla - 2020-07-16
    I just bought a H1213 that is almost pristine, heel is perfect, strings low. I'm going to upgrade everything (tailpiece, bridge, nut, tuners, & strings). I expect it to sound as good as an archtop that costs several grand because it is solid wood. It does have a crack that was professionally repaired in the lower bout. Otherwise it looks great. The only stamp inside is 732H1213 and is barely legible/visible. I suspect it was a later year, maybe late 60s or early 70s because it looks so good. The pick guard DOES NOT have anything written on it, but is original looking otherwise.
  • Gary - 2020-07-18
    I have a H1213, F-60NK. What is NK?

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