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models H168
Acoustic flatop - Pumpkin color
Production year(s) : 1969-1970 (other years possible, not verified)

Fender-style headstock. Natural "pumpkin color" finish version of the H167.

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567x375 - (61 kb) H168_02.jpg
176x144 - (5 kb) H168_03.jpg
176x144 - (7 kb) H168_1969_01.jpg
615x342 - (38 kb) H168_1969_02.jpg
442x632 - (68 kb) H168_1969_03.jpg
468x601 - (34 kb) H168_1969_04.jpg
449x585 - (35 kb) H168_1969_05.jpg
411x632 - (59 kb) H168_1969_06.jpg
615x452 - (39 kb) H168_1969_07.jpg
628x423 - (36 kb)

Top woodSpruce
Body woodBirch
All solid woods

Scale25"1/4642 mm

25 comments | Add your comment !

  • Rory Hammond - 2006-03-05
    I have one of these 168 mo. also I've had lots of acustic guitars never one with the quality sound of this one. I picked it up at a garage sale for 1.00 with out knowing what I had I compleately re finished it . all the same It sound wonderfull
  • dan - 2006-11-27
    I have 2 of these guitars-I got one years ago at a pawn shop for $50, then earlier this year I got another one at a "real" music store. I stumbled on your site while researching these guitars-thank you for providing such an excellent resource!
  • mj - 2007-09-06
    i got a 1969 H168 that was my grandfathers. It is in pretty good condition but I think i need to replace the tuners, anyone know where I could get a new set? Thanks
  • Mike Smith - 2008-02-13
    Bought mine new in 69 for £40 in UK aged 13 - my first real guitar. Action deteriorated so I reset the neck, sorted out the truss rod, replaced tuners (Schaller minis) all in early 80s and it now plays really well! Been playing it ever since (also have Gibson Mk53 but it holds its own). I use Country Gold phosphor bronze strings 11-52 (it doesn't work so well with Bronze wound). The mods would not appeal to purists, but it's certainly better now.
  • AC - 2008-04-12
    I have inherited one from my dad, and am finally getting around to learning to play. It's not in the greatest shape, it never had a case and one of the tuners is bent, but for now it's fine. I'll see about replacing them when I learn to play it.
  • David - 2008-05-17
    A good friend brought me an h168 which was in real sorry shape. It had about an inch of action at the 12th fret, the body was lined with cardboard to seal the body it was glued with liquid nail and the edges were sealed with clear packing tape. and in spite of that it sounded decent. I took it apart & re set the neck (I didn't even have to mess with the truss rod).Needless to say, I ended up trading One of my electrics for it. When folks come over to play it's the one they grab. It's a fantastic playing guitar.
  • Mike T - 2008-10-12
    I got an H168 from my dad. Purchased I assume from sears circa 1970-1971. It's in very good shape but missing it's pickguard. Sure could use a pick guard source. (not a question just a statement)
  • Bert Berner - 2008-12-09
    Just purchased an H168 at a thrift store for $40
    What a nice guitar. Very High quality
    neck is straight as an arrow. notes are true all the way up and the action is awsome.
    will use it to record some blues for my Slim Rob Project and Early Grace
  • Bryan - 2009-01-22
    Just got from eBay for around $100. What a great find. Even with the obviously old strings on it, it sounds wonderful. Can't wait to hear it with some new 80/20s slapped on. It is a real looker, too. The aged spruce top, the "moustache" bridge, the funky pickguard and the Fender-style headstock make this a real eye-turner.
  • Joshf - 2009-03-18
    You can get tuners on wdmusic.com- either kluson or their budget line of 6-in-line tuners will work.
    I am currently fixing one of these up, it should be a sweet guitar once it is done.
    Does anyone know of a place to get the old Harmony logo stencil, the logo on mine was erased at one time by one of it's owners...
  • Danno - 2009-07-12
    Yes I too have one of these guitars. It sat for years in an old log cabin through mould, cold(sub zereo), heat and abuse and has survived to be played again. I low tune mine because the neck is not as stable as I,d like. Its a beater but a cool old axe worthy of resurection!!!!
  • Ben - 2009-09-20
    Picked up this guitar online, kind of beat up but she sounds so good. I can't believe it! Easy to play too. Mine has a dove pickguard on it, not sure if it is original or added.
  • steve - 2010-02-16
    got one form a dads friend when I was 6 first song played on it (folsom prison blues) then got the chance to meet merle Haggard, he offered to buy it from me ( never asked him how much) I declined so he signed the back in perfect autograph form!! now I don't know what to do with it!
  • mike t - 2010-02-28
    I picked up my H 168 today for $40.00 on CL would like to know what its worth
  • Will - 2010-03-13
    i got my H168 Harmony from a lady who was getting rid of her husband's "junk". I gave her $50 bucks for it. i had the neck reset and the guitar tech threw in a passable refret(im not complaining). i wound up with a cool-looking playable old guitar that everybody digs. to me it seems like a budget Fender Palomino in its day.
  • Dave The Dumpster Diver - 2010-06-04
    I just found one in a dumpster. Needs strings, some glue on back brace and I just ordered tuner bushings off of ebay. It is in really decent shape for it's age and history. Had it checked at the local shop and everyone agreed that it is worth a little effort. (but not much)Also, all the old guitar dudes had a Harmony story. Nice conversation starter. I love your site.
  • Andrea - 2010-10-14
    I seem to have one of these that I\'ve had since I was a kid in the 70s. It has the distinctive \"mustache\" bridge, but has a classic Harmony trapezoidal head, not a Fender style head. Any ideas on what model it really is?
  • Chad Thorne - 2011-02-09
    I bought an H168 new in 1969. Over the years I lost track of it until last week when an old friend e-mailed me and asked me if I wanted it back! Apparently I lent it to her about 30 years ago and forgot. Yes, of course! So happy - it's not in my possession yet but soon will be. Can't wait!
  • Tim from Detroit - 2012-04-12
    I still have the H168 I bought new in Detroit circa 69. I have never had the thought to sell it. I put a lot of hours into her since then. Played blues, bluegrass, and rock on it. It always kept up with other boxes. I am wondering who I will give it to when the time comes to pass it along. I have made some repairs to it. Added Fender tuners when I was young. The bridge had to be replaced in the late seventies. The pick guard is long gone, but I finger pick her anyway. She brings me back and forth across time when I play. I am grateful to have stumbled on this great guitar.
  • Chris - 2012-11-30
    My sister gave my a Harmony Acoustic, the best I can get out of the serial number is 6916H168. does anyone know what year this may be. Needs a little work but still plays great. Thanks for any help.
  • Bill - 2013-07-02
    I just picked up this guitar on the side of the road in a pile of free stuff. only thing wrong that I can tell is a bent tuning key. But was able to tune it and sounds great with who knows how old strings. Glad I found your site for some info on it.
  • Mark Weber - 2013-08-17
    I can't wait to pull the clamps off this guitar (doing a neck reset). I picked it up at an auction a number of years ago with the typical Chicago guitar issue...neck separation. Anyway, now that my son is showing interest to play guitar, I can't think of a better beginner guitar to play. It's cool, well made (except for neck separation issue),good materials with solid bear-claw spruce top and solid sides and back and best of all, very inexpensive.
  • Chad Thorne - 2014-03-19
    I bought one of these new in 1969 when I was 16. Loved it. Lent it to a friend for many years and recently got it back. In the interim I had to switch to playing lefty due to an injury, so I'm just about to drop off my H168 to my guitar tech to have it converted to lefty! This guitar is built way better than any guitar selling at a similar price point today.
  • Willy Barden - 2018-07-13
    I purchased my H168 new in 1969 for £29 at Len Styles shop in Lewisham, South London. I had to select it from a great pile of smashed boxes and guitars - and have had it ever since. The original machines are long gone. It has done thousands of gigs, recording sessions and jam nights and never let anyone down!
  • corbinhayslett - 2019-03-24
    Just snagged one of these beauties (6808H168 S-70-W) at a flea market in Tennessee for $30 today. In wonderful shape with a tastefully added Fishman endpin jack. Looking forward to getting it cleaned and strung up. Huzzah for flea markets and quirky Harmony guitars!

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